Evic Project

Nyjee Clark

My definition of Evil is the dark side of people.

Evil means to me there is darkness in people. This relates to "what a thought" because the wife come up to the husband and hits him in the head. This relates to "The Lottery" because the whole town throw rocks at her. This relates to "The possible of Evil" because she wrote letters to the people and there were problems caused.

About a year ago, Dave Tally returned a sack full of cash to its rightful owner.

It wasn't an easy decision for a 49-year-old man who had been living on the streets for six years.

But Tally returned the $3,300. He decided it was the right thing to do.

In the year since then, Tally's entire life has changed.

People familiar with how far Tally has come since returning the money think his story has all the makings of a Hollywood feel-good flick -- a man is down on his luck, and one right choice is all it takes to turn his life aro