October Book of the Month

The Diamond and the Boy by Hannah Holt

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About the Book

The Diamond and the Boy tells two stories at the same time: how the earth turns graphite into diamonds and how a bullied young boy survives and thrives to become an inventor.

Before a diamond is a beautiful, sparkly gem, it’s a common gray rock called graphite. The intense heat and pressure inside the earth changes into one of the most valuable stones in the world.

Before Tracy Hall was an inventor, he was a boy—born into poverty, bullied by peers, forced to work at an early age. However, through education and experimentation, he became one of the brightest innovators of the twentieth century, eventually building a revolutionary machine that makes diamonds.

About the Challenge

You get to choose your challenge! You will have a menu of six challenges and you can do as many of them as you would like. Click on the choice board below to learn about your options.

1. Listen to the story with your teacher.

2. Look at the challenge board and decide what you want to do.

  • Students will not be able to watch youtube videos on their student device. Please allow them to watch these videos on your smartphone or computer

3. Bring your creations or send a photo or video to school on Wednesday, October 28.

  • In person learners can bring their projects to school with them.
  • Remote learners can drip their project off when they pick up their library books.

We want to display your projects in the learning commons, on Twitter, and on our KCAN morning announcements!

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Win a PRIZE!

Your name will be entered into a drawing for EVERY one of the choice board options you complete! That means if you do one project, you get your name in once. If you do 3 different projects, you get your name in three times and if you do all six projects, you get your name in the drawing SIX TIMES!

The prize is a STEM building kit valued at $50!