How They Croaked

The Awful Ends Of The Awfully Famous By. Georgia Bragg

Death Of The Famous

During many time periods in all places all over the world the famous peoples deaths were recorded in files and has been placed in a book. This book explains a lot of the most famous people in history's death. Some of the people who died in the story include, King Tut, Cleopatra, Edgar Allan Poe, Henry VIII, and Albert Einstein. For example Henry died because of an infection in his knee. He was the king and was amazing at jousting. He used to be very skinny and handsom until he turned fat and was not as attractive as before. He turned out to be badly hurt and was going to most likely die. He was correct and about a week after he died because the infection spread.
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Cause and Effect

There are a lot of different people in the book who have died. For example Julius Caeser was being unfair to all of the people including his really good friends. That was a cause that Julius had made. His friends planned an attack on him, and killed him by stabbing him multiple times. That was the effect that had been brought upon Julius for his unfair acts.

Time Sequence/Order

Many People have died in this novel in all times in the world and all over the world. This novel tells all the historic events in history about the famous peoples deaths. In 1342 BC King Tut was born and in 1323 BC King Tut Died at age 19.
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