without magnets life would be kind of boring

Types of magnets and magnetism

magnetism is the physical phenomenon produced by the motion of electric charge. magnets is a piece of iron that has it own atoms so ordered that materials exhibit properties of magnetism such as attracting to each other,temporary magnets are demagnetized ,permanent magnets can not be demagnetized

Pacific types of magnets ,and who discovered magnets

  • electromagnets are type of magnet that is produced by electric current
  • superconductors are a capable substance of becoming superconducting at sufficiency
  • Also solider Peter Peregrinus

Four facts about magnets

  • Magnets are used in TV,PC,
  • metal iron,nickel,cobalt, make up a magnet
  • magnetic forces act a distance
  • north poles point north, south poles point south

5 planets that have magnetic fields

  • mecuray
  • jupiter
  • saturan
  • urans
  • neptune

Label magnet illustrate magnet repel attract

  • unlike poles attract
  • like poles repel
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10 uses of magnets

  • use it in speakers
  • in tv
  • in pc
  • locate study in wall
  • used in refrigerators
  • used to construct electrical motor
  • they used in cranes
  • they are used in marvelic trains
  • remove batteries
  • make a compass