Containment of Comunissim

Made by Spencer Moss


North Korea wanted to be communist. South Korea did not want to be communist. South Korea wanted to be democracy only. So, North Korea took over everything except,Seoul, South Korea's capital. That is when U.S.A. came over to South Korea to stop North Korea. This is when the seesaw affect started happening. It was when America pushed backed North Korea into China. Then, China started getting mad because we pushed North Korea into their territory. Which then made China decide to help because they found out the north part of Korea wanted to be a communist country. Then they pushed us all the way back. Then we pushed them back, and so on. After a few years we decided to do a stalemate and stopped at the 38 parallel. We were able to do it.


North Vietnam was ran by Ho Chi Minh. His army was called Vietminh. The north of Vietnam wanted communism to rule all of Vietnam. In the south of Vietnam most people wanted democracy but, there were some people hidden and lurking in the shadows who secretly wanted.....COMMUNISM! They are called Viet Cong. U.S.A. Gov. did not want the Domino theory to take affect. But many citizens did not want America to go to Vietnam. But America still went there. What they did was a horrible idea. The Ho Chi Minh trail was a system of paths through jungles and mountain that connect North Korea and South Korea via Laos and Cambodia . Then they attacked. America could not handle north of Vietnam's guerrilla tactics. So they did what was called Vietnamization. What it was that America would withdraw and let south of Vietnam take over from their. That soon led to South Vietnam's lost which made Vietnam become one. This led to Vietnam become a communist country. We failed epicly to save Vietnam.
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Mao Mezadong

Mao Mezadong was a poor farmer. So he wanted the gov to be communism. Which worked because China is still communism today. But any way,he tried to do the event in the past. It was called the great leap forward. It was to get industrial things so people would not think that China was weak. But that totally failed. Because many people died from starvation because very few people were farming.