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Thursday, May 19, 2016


We see infographics all the time. They are visual images used to share information or data.

In the classroom, infographics can be one more option when students are asked to research a topic and share their findings, analyze story elements, etc... It is an alternative way for them to creatively communicate knowledge or an idea using a combination of visuals and small snippets of text.

One free tool that will help students create an infographic is This site requires no sign in at all so you can either plan to have students create in one sitting OR you can use the "groups" feature to create users under your e-mail that require no shared personal information. This is a nice option that will then allow the students to save and come back to their designs later. also has a ton of templates already available as starters. For example, if a student or group plans to compare/contrast two things, there is a template available to either edit or to inspire them to create their own from scratch. While there is a pro version, the free version offers everything our students need to create their own infographics.

Click the button below to take a closer look at the site.


Here are some other websites I found that might assist you if you plan to try using infographics with your students:

First Grade Junior Achievement

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Calendar of Events...

Thursday, May 19

*8:00-2:30 4th Grade Field Trip to TMNP

*5th Grade Kickball Tournament

*3:45-4:15 Coach Joseph Baby Shower in the Library

Friday, May 20

*5th Grade Game Day

*9:00-3:00 Kinder to Backyard Park

*9:00-2:00 PTO Party-if student has earned all 4 activities (Front Pavilion)

*10:00-10:30 & 2:30-3:00 Father's Day Popcorn (Stratton)

*3:30-4:00 Life Skills to Public Library (Arnold)

Monday, May 23

*3rd Grade at Park

*Boy Scout Presentation in PE

*8:00-3:00 PreK Slide

Award Ceremonies

*3rd @ 8:30

*4th @ 9:30

*5th @ 10:00

*12:30-3:00 5th Grade Sock Hop

*1:00-2:00 Kinder to Sonic

Tuesday, May 24

*5th Grade to Backyard Park

*4th Grade field trip to Wetlands

Award Ceremonies

*2nd @ 8:30

*1st @ 2:00

*9:00-2:30 2nd Grade Waterslide

Wednesday, May 25


*PreK Awards (Stratton) @ 10:00 and 2:30

Thursday, May 26

Early Release for Students

*9:00-10:00 Morris Brother EOY Concert

Friday, May 27

Employee Breakfast in the High School Cafeteria @ 8:00

Carroll Evans Memorial Scholarship

Senior, Caitlyn Knight, was this year's recipient of the Carroll Evans Memorial Scholarship during the high school's award night. Dani Mikel and Jeremiah Evans, Carroll's son, presented the scholarship to this outstanding student.


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