Be apart of the change

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The right water is clean water the N.M.L.R.I stands for noqon marka laga reebo isbeddelka in the language of Somali which means be apart of the change

Problems with water in Africa

How we work and how you can help

At N.M.L.R.I we are completely based off of donations(non profit organization) so we use the money we make and we use it all on building water pumps and wells so that the people of Africa will have access to clean water.We take our volunteers out to Africa and we teach on how people can now use their clean water to grow crops and make a source of income.We also teach the people how to build water wells so that we can send supplies and the people of Africa can continue to make water wells and lastly we teach how to have proper sanitation now that the people have clean water,so now they will reduce their risk of disease. You can help us save the people of Africa by donating twenty dollars a month be apart of the change help save not just Africa but the world one water well and pump at a time
September Campaign 2014 - The Sahel Region
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