The Ultimate Trip To Space

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The opportunity that it coming is absolutely amazing. Just to think that we are able to do this is mind blowing. Back in 2013 it took a rocket ship at least 1 year to get to the moon and back but now in 3127 it takes only 4 hours to get to the moon. But don't worry because the whole time you are going to be entertained by everything because our rocket ship has multiple features. We have non gravity eating competition that include air swimming to find as much food as you can. The floor of our rocket ships is clear non shatter glass so you can see outer-space and we have a floating cinema. And that is only the trip to outer-space. Just think about what we will do when we actually get there.

This is why you should take the one in a life time opportunity. So buy your tickets now. I know you want too.

The ultimate trip to space

Tuesday, Aug. 2nd 3127 at 10:45am

The colosseum

Brisbane, QLD

On this trip we are visiting a Black Hole, the Moon and Mars. On each of the destination we will explore there unique features. For Example on the moon one of the feature we are going to visit is the biggest crater and for the Black hole we will have the all new black hole suits and jets that can suck us back out of the black hole.

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If you want to come on our adventure then book here. If you are sending an email then email your credit card info with how many tickets you are buying and if it is a kid or an adult.

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