Serving a Meal

Conor Littleton, 7th hour

Setting the Table

Plates: Large plates are used mainly for the main dish. Small plates are used for salads, desserts, and breads.

Other dishes: These include bowls, mugs, large bowls, serving platters, and cup and saucers.

Types of Meals

There are two different types of meals. Family style is when the dishes are on the table, and everyone helps each other. Plate service is when your food is brought to you, like at a restaurant.

Table Manners

Table manners make the meal better. For good table manners, follow these steps.

1. Put your napkin in your lap.

2. Chew with your mouth closed.

3. If you are in a small group, wait until everyone has been served

4. Don't talk with your mouth full.

5. When you are through eating, place your utensils in the center of the plate

Clearing the table

When everyone is through eating, stand off to the side while everyone puts their dishes in the cleanup spot. Don't stack or scrape off the dishes at the table.