Human Resources

Jodie Webb

Mr. Anderson's work that he's making me do.

I have to do this for my teacher because if I dont, I will get a bad grade.
Job Interviews: Good & Bad

For The Video Above

The interviewee came into the interview late, and didnt even shake the interviewers hand. The interviewee answered her phone and had a conversation with the person, about how bad the interviewer looked. The interviewee did a terrible way on getting a job.

The interviewee came into the interview ready and prepared for the interview. The interviewee answered the questions honestly and said everything clearly. The interviewee was dress appropriately and did all the things he needed to do to give a good impression to the interviewer.

Dos and Donts

For a Good Interview: Being on time to the interview, Answering the questions honestly, and having everything you need (your reseme, for example.)

For a Bad interview: Be late to the interview, Answer your phone, and Talk about how you have done bad things.

Job Description

Elementary School Teacher
  • To teach the children, math, science, social studies, and language arts.
  • You need to have a degree to teach children.
  • Your annual salary will be around $60,000.