Female Praying Mantises



Praying mantises stay in the egg for 2 to 3 weeks. They stay as a nymph for 1 week. They stay an adult for 1 year. It goes egg, nymph, adult. Then it starts back over again.


The jaws are on its head and helps it eat food. It uses its eyes to see far. Its thorax holds its legs and wings. Its abdomen holds the organs and the eggs. They have 1 spike on there body.


There are 1,800 different kinds of praying mantises in the world. Orchard mantises, grass mantises, dog mantises are some of the species. Some of them are poisons and have stingers.


They eat any insect that is smaller then them. Like crickets and other insects.


It uses its spikes on its arms to protect itself. Its jaws are on its head.