Some Assembly Required

Career Ladder Update

Work with Individual Teachers

Just a reminder, we are available to work with individual teachers on grading, planning, organization, communication with parents and streamlining processes. Some meetings we’ve held so far have included topics like working on systems that we use to make our lives easier, tips on backward planning using the CCSS, and assessing student work using rubrics.

Please let us know if there is a topic you are interested in and a time that works for you.

Sub Days

Career Ladder Survey

Career Ladder Survey-Please fill out the survey monkey (link below) to give us feedback on the work we are doing and how you would like to be supported by your Career Ladder Teachers.

Sub Days for Observation

Contact India, Oana, or TuesD if you are interested in seeing India, another teacher in our building, or a program at another site. We are allocated substitute days each year to facilitate professional development for the teachers in our building. Please let us know how the time can be most useful.

Seattle Public Library Workshop Training

Wednesday, April 18th, 7:30am

1418 Northwest 65th Street

Seattle, WA

Ballard Staff-

You are all invited to attend an optional Seattle Public Library Workshop Training on how to access your students' digital library cards, your digital library card, online databases and homework support.

Please feel free to email if you have any questions.

I look forward to seeing you!