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Hello Walden Families!

I hope everyone had a wonderful week, even with the midweek day off! One area that I pride Walden School on is being a welcoming place for students and families. As I walk through the hallways at Walden, students and teachers are always saying hello and smiling at each other. It creates such a warm environment for children. It is something that I always try and model as I walk through the halls as well, and I see that students catch on to this small act.

However, being a welcoming place goes beyond a passing greeting. We want our community to feel welcoming as well! I encourage all of our returning families to reach out to our PTO liaisons listed below that are running our welcoming committee. We want our new families to always feel welcome and this committee is making an incredible effort to make this happen. What a wonderful way to set an example to children, by showing them that they are a part of such an inviting community! Thank you for all you do to set a high standard for our students at school and home!

Have a great weekend and we'll see you on Monday!

-Stephanie Strenger

Student Health Requirements 21-22

We recognize and are mindful of the fact that many families may have had difficulty getting children in for physical, dental, and eye exams as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has presented many challenges to routine medical care; however, at this time, all child-health related requirements for school attendance, remain in effect for children in public, private, or parochial schools, as per 105 ILCS 5/27-8.1.

Health-related examinations and immunization requirements are due no later than October 15. Please click here to be directed to our website for detailed information regarding specific requirements by grade level.

You will soon be receiving communication from our building nurse if your child is missing any of the required documentation. Students not in compliance with the health examination and immunization requirements will be excluded from school beginning Friday, October 15, 2021. Please reach out with any questions regarding these requirements as we want to partner with you to ensure compliance with these requirements. Thank you.

Walden Welcoming Committee (2nd Posting)

The PTO is kicking off the Family Welcoming Committee this school year! The purpose of the committee is to welcome new families to the Walden community by pairing them with a volunteer family. We are currently seeking families who would be interested in connecting with a family (or multiple families) to check in periodically, proactively asking if they need any guidance about Walden-related events, programming, and other community-related activities.

Please let us know if you are interested in volunteering for this position and if so, how many families you would be available to mentor. In addition, so that we can match up families who have children of similar age(s), please respond with the grade level(s) of your own children.

Contact Allie Zalay (allie.zalay@gmail.com) or Nikki Wallenstein (nsschneider@hotmail.com) to become involved or if you have any questions.

Join the Walden PTO! (2nd Posting)

Did you know with your purchase of a Walden PTO membership, you not only get access to the Directory App, but you help support vital programming at Walden! In the past, money raised by the Walden PTO has paid for field trips, classroom furniture, playground equipment, the Walden STEAM lab, and materials and hospitality for our amazing staff! The PTO also organizes family activities throughout the year. In the past we have done skate night, science night, movie nights and more! We invite you to join us!

*For any families who may need financial assistance with the PTO membership, please contact Mrs. Strenger at sstrenger@dps109.org.

PTO Membership

Looking To Opt Out Of A Week of SHIELD Testing?

Please fill out the below form. It is the same form we sent as last week, and will continue to need to be filled out on a week-by-week basis. Forms are due by Tuesday at 3pm.

Have a great weekend!