CPU/RAM and Motherboards

BY Kareema Anjum


The CPU (computer processing unit) is where it processes the instructions from the computer's hardware and software. It is also considered as the brains of the computer as it take action of all the things the computer does.


The RAM (random access memory) is a computer memory that can be accessed randomly. RAM is mostly found in computer and printers. there are two types of RAM's. One is DRAM which stands for dynamic random access memory and SRAM which stand for static random access memory. The difference between these two is that the SRAM is much more faster but fewer people have these. This is because it is a lot more expensive than the DRAM. Also the RAM is considered as the main memory which means that memory is available to programs.


The motherboard is what connects all part of the computer together. All the devices such as the CPU, memory, Hard drive, optical drive, video card and sound card are some how connected to the computer. Each motherboards contains a single type of CPU short list of memory types and some video cards. Some examples of motherboards manufactures are ASUS, AOpen Intel and ABIT.