By:Tory Nelson

Canada Information

Canada National Anthem

O Canada

Ottowa the capitol of Canada


Canada is located in the farthest north part of North America and is 3.855 million sq miles total


Canada has a lot of lakes and agricultural land. When you go west and southwest you find many plains mountain ranges. As you go farther north you get into the arctic tundra. And as you go farther east and northwest you find many mountain ranges


In the winter Canada is very cold and usually bellow zero or in the mid teens. In the summer it can reach the eighties in the highest and in the fall it can reach the sixties


The approximate population is 35.405 million people

Ethnic groups

Canadian, English, French, Scottish, and Irish.

Major Industries

Service industry, Petroleum industry, Agricultural industry, and Lumber industry.


Canada's main agriculture is wheat, barley, oats, and livestock.


The Canadian dollar is equal to an american dollar the come in five, tens, twenty's, fifties, and hundreds.

Major religions

Roman catholic 30%, Protestant 40%, Jewish 20%, Other 10%.

Historical facts

Circa 1000 a.d. Leif Erickson discovers the new world (aka) North America. 2010 Canada sets record for most gold medals at the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games.

Type of Government

Democratic Constitutional Democracy

Famous actor

Dan Akroyd, comedian in many movies.

Famous singer

Bachman-Turner Overdrive

Famous athlete

Ferguson Jenkins, baseball hall of fame.

Prime Minister

Stephen Harper

Flag history

The maple leaf flag was proclaimed Canada's new and official flag on February, 15 1965.

Famous artist

Ernest Courmier built the Supreme Court of Canada

Famous cities

Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal


Toronto, go to the Easton Center, The CN Tower, Casa Loma, The Royal Ontario Museum, and the Hockey Hall of Fame.


Vancouver's top five tourist attractions, Stanley Park, Vancouver art Gallery, Granville Island, Vancouver Aquarium, English Bay.


Montreal's top five attractions, Old Montreal, Mount Royal Summit, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal Bio dome, and the Montreal Casino.