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Friday, January 28th, 2022


Dear Parents,

If your student is riding a bus to or from school, this information is for you.

We are currently experiencing a shortage of bus drivers in our district. This means that we often have late buses. Typically when a bus runs late, your child will be picked up from Sampson by 4:00 p.m. Staff members wait with the students until a bus arrives, and then we assist the loading of the bus. Parents can track their child while he/she is on the bus using the Zonar system.

To create an account, first visit on a desktop or laptop. (See picture below.)

You will need to enter your students first and last names, along with their 8 digit RFID number that is found on their bus badge on their backpack.

Then download the Z Pass+ app through your app store.

Log in to your account on the app. From there you can setup how you would like to receive notifications when your student is scanning on and off the bus at their bus stop and at school. (See picture below.)

Thank you!

Heather Motzny

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Upcoming Events

Monday, January 31st: Last day to purchase a Sampson Yearbook

Thursday, February 10th: Valentine's Day Spirit Shop 4:00 PM

Wednesday, February 16th: 4th Grade Papa John's Spirit Night

Friday, February 18th: Teacher Work Day (no school)

Monday, February 21st: Professional Dev. Day for Staff (no school)

Monday, February 21st: Chick Fil A Spirit Night from 5:00 - 9:00 PM

Science Resource Center

Due to Covid numbers, our January face to face demo training sessions will be rescheduled for February.

Spanish Action Based Learning Lab

K & 1st: Review The seasons (Las estaciones)

La primavera (spring)

El verano (summer)

El otoño (fall)

El invierno (winter)

En la primavera hay muchas flores. (There are a lot of flowers in the spring.)

En el verano hace calor. (It's hot in the summer.)

En el otoño las hojas se caen. (The leaves fall in the fall.)

En el invierno hace frío. (It's cold in the winter.)

Me gusta _________. (I like ________. )

2nd-4th: Review The seven days of the week (Los siete días de la semana)

Lunes (Monday)

Martes (Tuesday)

Miércoles (Wednesday)

Jueves (Thursday)

Viernes (Friday)

Sábado (Saturday)

Domingo (Sunday)

Hoy es ______. (Today is _______.)

Ayer fue _____. (Yesterday was _______.)

Mañana será ______. (Tomorrow will be _______.)

Mi día favorito es ________. (My favorite day is _______.)

Voy a la clase de español los ______ y _______. (I go to Spanish class on _______ and _______.)


Sra. Betancourt

From the library

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This is a great time of the year to remind all of our Sampson families about our library book policies. When a book is lost, we do not ask for payment right away. A note is sent home so the grown-ups at home are aware of the lost book. A signature is required saying the student will look for the book and if it is not found by May, the book will be paid for by the family. When the signed note is returned, students can check out two books again. Money for the lost book will be accepted in May, not the actual book, because of the type of library books purchased. In many scenarios, the book is found prior to May, so then that works perfectly!

Damaged books require payment at the time of damage. Please remember to keep those water bottles away from Chromebooks and library books!

Thanks for helping us to take care of our library!

Counselors Corner

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PTO News

Yearbook Order Deadline is Jan 31, 2022!

Last call for Yearbook Orders!


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The garden needs your help! Please sign up here to help weed our garden beds.

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Junior Achievement

We need volunteers for Junior Achievement! Online training will be on Thursday, February 16th.

Click here for link to 9:30am training

Click here for link to 12:00pm training

Click here for link to 5:00pm training

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SRC - 3rd Grade

An opportunity to help your child’s class is coming up! Attend a training for Amphibians Tuesday, February 1st or Thursday, March 3rd and you can help give a presentation to your child’s class!

Please contact Andrea Nicholas at for more information.

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Covid Dashboard

Click this to see a live representation of Covid in all of Cypress Fairbanks ISD.