English 9 Portfolio


I best journal entry was when it asked what did over thanksgiving break. I replied " over the break I ate turkey, stuffing, Mac and cheese, sweet potatoes, chicken, and turnip greens. My mom made all of the food. It was really delicious and everything melts in your mouth. I also went to my dad's house. We went out to eat, we went to chili's. Then I just chilled at his house with my brother and sister for the rest of the weekend.

I like this topic was interesting to me because I got to talk about me. I love talking about me because it's what I know the best. I also like talking about my family and friends. I also liked this topic because I really like food. Another reason is because the topic was just interesting.

2. ESSAY #1

Would you visit the past if you could?

Yes and No. Yes because I would change a lot of bad things that happen like to prevent 9/11. I would go back to when I was born and watch myself grow up. A reason that I wouldn't is because I don't want to change the future I was in before I left. In the story " A sound of thunder" when the went to prehistoric times the man was told to stay on the trail but he didn't so wen they went back to the present everything changed.

3. ESSAY #2

What is a hero?

A hero is a person who would give their life to save anyone. A hero is noble, honorable, and really brave. Odysseus was a hero because he went out and fought for his men and his son and wife.


Dear Tyler,

I think I've applied myself very well this year. I've done a lot of things in her class such as read stories, write stories and personal narratives, and all types of practice assignments. My favorite stories were "The odyssey", "A sound of thunder", A gathering of old men", and "The most dangerous game". My most favorite book was "The most dangerous game" because when the man falls off the ship and swims to an island and sees a house or some type of shelter. He meets a man and all is normal until the finds out he hunts people because he's looking for a challenge. So he decides to hunt his guest. The man eventually kills the hunter and lives in is house. My least favorite part of the semester was not getting all the work I needed to get done. I think I would have had a higher grade if I got higher test and quiz scores. My favorite assignment was creating my own commercial. I've done a lot of fun things in this class and Ms Pineda is the best teacher ever.