The Ririe Report

August 20, 2021

This Week in Math...

Multiply 2 digit by 3 digit numbers.

Use models (grids) to show/solve decimal multiplication.

This Week in Science

We continue looking at properties of matter by learning about thermal energy. We will learn about the sources of thermal energy (sun, chemical, earth, electricity), and do labs to investigate thermal insulators (keeping the heat out), and conductors (which metal is the best conductor of heat?).

Dress Code

I hate having to deal with dress code issues because I love my girls, but lately I'm seeing more and more short shorts/skirts and belly buttons (cropped tops). Cute as they are, students need to be reminded that Mrs. Ririe will enforce the district's dress code policy. And parents, I really appreciate your support in my efforts to keep my classroom focus on the learning. Here's the link to the district's dress code.

Best way to help your child succeed in math this year...

is to make sure they know their multiplication and division facts!!! It really is that simple. Math facts fluency support and are an integral part of problem solving. Multiplication and division will also be important when we start working with fractions.

Here are a couple of links to some multiplication/division online games. I've also told the students that flashcards are great. I even had one student make his own flashcards to practice (way to go Jack!).