Laurie Halse Anderson


The main theme of this book is to show you how rough high school can be. It shows Melinda going trough rough patches and some good ones as well. There is more than one theme though the other one is the dark depressing one, about Melinda's secrete that she keeps from everyone.


speak is a very interesting book. This book is about a girl named Melinda who goes through lots of struggles through high school. She has to deal with bad friends, good friends, and the darkest secrete that keeps haunting her and making her anxiety and her life horrible.


The setting of this book is in a high school. Most of the scenarios that happen take place in the school.
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The language in this book was very appealing to me. The way the book explains things just makes me understand so much more. Another thing I like is when Melinda was referring to Andy Evens she would use "IT" or "BEAST". She would say that because even the thought of his name made her sick because of what he did to her.


Speak is a very exciting book with lots of plot twist and many nail biting moments. Speak is about a girl named Melinda who goes through high school with the biggest guilt on her back and the biggest secret ever. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes exciting books and enjoys reading some what, dark stories.

Describe The Book

Describing this book is really easy, because it has so many good traits. Melinda has lots of problems and when she has friends that don't even back her up when people are making fun of her to her face that does not help her at all. Melinda has horrible friends which made high school even harder for her. The most suspenseful moment was when Melinda got trapped in her closet at school with "IT". "IT" is a horrible person who should be punished serveily for everything he has done. but before the suspenseful part the book was pretty entertaining, because Melinda is such a strong character and fights through anything that is thrown at her.


Melinda is the protaginist in Speak. She is a very quite girl with lots of anxitiy and a bad guilt that haunts her. Rachel rarley talked to Melinda in grade 9, because of what happend at the party. Ever since that rachel has been a bad friend. Heather was Melindas friend untill the group Heather was in. The Marthas were making fun of Melinda, right to her face with Heather there, and Heather never stuck up for her. After this Heather had befriended her to look cool for the Marthas. David is Melindas science lab partner. He was a very nice person because he helped Melinda with school and some life problems. Mr.Freemen was a very positive and outgoing art teacher, who loves to push kids to their limits in what they can do in anything. Andy Evens is the antagonist of Speak. He is the most arrogant, narcissistic streotypycal jock who is a horriable person. He is the one who gave Melinda her anxitiy because he had raped her while she was in grade 8.
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