Mrs. Dearmon's Rockin' Fourth Grade

January 19th - 22nd

Important Updates

  • PTA meeting Tuesday night at 7:00
  • Inside out clothing spirit day on Wednesday
  • We will be attending an assembly with the Richmond Symphony on Thursday during the afternoon.
  • Chick Fil A Spirit night Thursday 5 - 8
  • Students had questions for social studies HW over the weekend.
  • We are very lucky to have another student teacher join us starting on Tuesday from Longwood!!! Her name is Jessica Prater and she will be spending 7 1/2 weeks with us.

What is Going on This Week in Curriculum?


Mrs. Dearmon's Math Class

  • Tuesday we will be working on polygons and the learning the names of polygons with up to ten sides. The students are expected to memorize these names.
  • Wednesday we move on to the special types of quadrilaterals (4-sided figures). These can be a bit confusing, so using the notes in the green journal will be helpful.
  • Thursday we will be working with the concept of congruency in figures. The students will also be comparing figures through transformations such as rotations, translations, and reflections.
  • Friday the students will have a paper/pencil quiz this week reviewing all the concepts learned this week. We will also be reviewing geometric patterns.
  • If there are no weather interruptions, the geometry assessment is scheduled for next Tuesday, January 26th.

Ms. Olmeda's Math Class

  • The students will finish up the first portion of the Geometry Unit on Tuesday. They will have their test on Tuesday.
  • Right after the test, we will review it and then head into the next geometry section.
  • For the remaining portion of the week, the students will work on identifying polygons from nonpolygons and labeling the various types (quadrilaterals, triangles, hexagons, octagons…). The students will have the second part of their geometry test the following week.

Reader's Workshop

  • Independent reading each day.
  • Small groups will be working on a non-fiction story about Martin Luther King from the reading book.
  • DRA testing and running records will finish up this week. If your child was not on a level 40 Independently, then he/she will be retesting. All other students will complete an oral running record and comprehension check to make sure progress continues.
  • Mrs. Bell's group is also working on a reader's theater to share with the class during her small group times.
  • Newspaper will be completed this week.

Writer's Workshop

  • The students will continue working on developing their scenes for their narrative.
  • Our mini lessons will focus on creating good leads, including the setting in our scenes, and using a checklist to monitor our drafting.


  • We begin our new unit of study on force and motion SOL 4.2
  • The students will begin the week with vocabulary and concept development.
  • We will be completing many labs to demonstrate the concepts of force and motion.
  • Homework this week will include questions, answers, and completing lab sheets.

Virginia Studies

  • The students have completed most of the notes from the unit on colonial Virginia.
  • Mrs. Keller hopes to test the following week.