SAC Newsletter

December 5, 2015

Welcome To Our New Assessment Technician!

Cammie Smith (formerly the SAC and clerk at Dartmouth Elementary) is our new assessment technician. We are extremely fortunate to have found someone who is familiar with APS and has been a SAC at a school site. Her extension is x28378 and email address is

Please feel free to introduce yourself at one of our upcoming training classes or call or email with your questions. We are all learning together this year, so your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated!

WIDA ACCESS 2.0 Work Sessions

December 15 or December 17
AM: 8-11 OR PM 12-3

Who needs to attend:
SACs are required to attend at least one work session. ELA TLs can also attend.

ACT Aspire and Acuity Questions and Answers

ACT Aspire:

Did you know?

ACT Aspire has a support line to assist you with interpreting ACT Aspire report interpretation to address many of your report questions. Their address is:

Here is a list of recent questions and answers regarding ACT Aspire reporting:

Q & A:

What should we expect a proficient student to score in each category? Specifically “Grade-Level Progress”, should a proficient student consistently score 90-100% or should a proficient student’s score match the percent of standards actually covered by that point in the year? Similarly, what would we expect that same proficient student to score in the next round assuming adequate growth?

The ACT Aspire Interim Assessments are 4 parallel assessments that assess the expectations for the full curriculum for a given grade year. Therefore, a proficient student’s score should match the percent of standards actually covered by that point in the year. You should expect to see a progressive increase in a student’s score as they complete successive Interim assessments because more grade level material will have been taught and learned.

In the “Skill Proficiency by Student” report:

What is the expected score for a proficient student?

The expected score for a proficient student would depend on the timing and the amount of grade level curriculum that had been taught at the time of the assessment administration.

When the report states that a student is “Below Average”, what does that mean? Who’s average? National? Local? School’s average?

The average is compared to group that took the test. Subject Proficiency by Student Report enables educators to compare individual scores and group averages to the school average. Skill Proficiency by Subject only compares individual scores to group average.

Does a zero on this report imply that the student missed all related questions or that the student did not answer questions or did not take that section? Other?

If a student was not assessed an “x” would appear in the column next to the students name. A zero would indicate that the student did not answer any if the questions for that skill correctly. At this time there is no way for you to distinguish whether the student selected the wrong answer or did not answer the questions associated with this skill on this report.


Q & A
I have a student who logged into multiple test sessions and selected "Finish" for all of them. What do I do?

Please remind your test proctors that it is extremely important to actively proctor test sessions. We can delete and reassign Acuity assessments, however this is not an option during PARCC, CMAS or WIDA ACCESS 2.0. If a student hits "finish" before they have completed the assessment, this test can not be reopened.

Will we need calculators and protractors for Grades 6-7 and 8 for the Math Assessments?

Calculators can be used on one of the two sections of the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Math Performance assessments. These are identified in the Test Instructions, which can be printed from the Assessments tab of Acuity. Protractors are not needed for the Form B Math assessments.