Benjamin Banneker

The first African American scientist!

Personal Infomation and Family Infomation

His full name is Benjamin Banneker. He does not have a middle name. He was born November 9, 1731. He died October 9, 1806. He was born in Baltimore County, Maryland. He is African-American. Robbert Banneker is his father. Mary Banneker is his mom. Banna Ka is his grandfather. Molly Wash is his grand mother. He has three sisters. He is the descendent of slaves. His grandmother was a bi-racial English immigrant. Inherited a farm from his grandparents.

Education and Honors

He went to a small quaker school for a short time. He was mainly self educated. Some cultural facilities, streets, schools, and other have been named after him. His face is on a postage stamp. He did not receive any awards.

Contributions to science

He foretasted lunar and solar eclipses. He published an almanac. He made a fully functional clock. He is a mathematician and a astronomer.

Famos Quote

"The color of our skins is in no way connected with our strength of our mind or intellectual powers".


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