Welcome to Earth

3rd Rock From The Sun BY: Beau VanAbel

Leave Now to Come To Earth it May Be the Only Life Sustaining Planet in the Solar System

Come to Mt Everest . . .

Some things you should know about Mt Everest it is cold and there are avalanches.

Things you should bring is a force field just in case a avalanche you can just pop in there.

and also a high powered flame thrower just in case you run into the abominable snow man!!! some opportunities are tourists and minerals.

The Sahara Desert

Come to The Sahara Desert . . .

some things you should know about The Sahara Desert is it is super hot and at all times possible avoid sand storms.

WARNING!!! Never go to the Sahara alone unless you are an experienced survivalist.

Things you should bring: A Desert Guide and also a high powered water gun just in case you meet up with Sand Man. some opportunities are sand for micro chips and solar pannels

The Red Wood Forest

Come to The Red Wood Forest . . .

Some thing you should know is that you can't damage any thing or if you do you will get kicked out.

Things you should bring: a tranquilizer gun just in case you run into big foot. some opportunities are tourism and wood which they won't cut them down ever.

Three Ways We Break Up the Earth Into Regions

1. We can break up the Earth by continents 2. Also we can separate the Earth into Climate Zones 3. and last but not least we can put Earth into regions by time zones.

That concludes this brochure


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