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3 Business Reasons to Upgrade to LinkedIn Premium

Despite most people do not like to upgrade to a LinkedIn Premium account, the developers behind this social networking are continuing to empower it with newly new features. Most of these new features are in the access of only the LinkedIn Premium users. A premium user is a person or a company that pays membership charges. In return, he gets many new opportunities to expand his business and social network in his industry.

If you are not this person, then Pepperweb being a reputed name in the field of Internet Marketing, Web Development, Web Designing, Android Apps and Mobile, Apps’ Development is going to tell what you are missing by not having a Premium LinkedIn Membership.

Premium LinkedIn Users Enjoy More Powerful Search

The Premium LinkedIn users get access to a more powerful search engine of LinkedIn. After paying the initial cost, they can go into further depth of their queries. Let’s take an example.

You are a software developer looking for establishing link with the best companies from around the globe. If you are a Premium LinkedIn user, you will be able to classify the Fortune 1000 companies within search criteria. Then, you can narrow down your focus at the top 50 companies to connect with the best companies within your reach.

What does this mean is that you will get more respectable opportunities in establishing links with respect to your seniority level? As high you will pay for a membership, as fewer and enhanced results will appear in front of you, and save your precious time on search.

InMail Gives A New Look To Your Emails

The basic LinkedIn account users often complain about the restrictions on email when they want to connect with others. These members are not permitted to email someone, not in their network. In contrast, the premium members do not have to make any such complain, as they are provided with InMail, a feature which permits to connect with everybody whether he is in social network or otherwise. However, in order to avail the best advantages of InMail, you will have to go for the Executive Business Account. It is the most expensive membership of LinkedIn that gives the most perfect advantages. Once you go for it, you will be able to send 25 In Mails within a month. Your credit will come back if an email is not replied within a week, which means most mails will be used for growth organically. Thus, opportunities for making connections will expand at a much faster speed than one with basic membership can imagine.

Bottom Line

Pepperweb does not motivate beginners to get LinkedIn Premium Membership. Rather beginners should start with a basic membership and try to expand connections while being within basic membership restrictions. Once they know the ropes and learn about how to survive while being within restrictions, it will be time to think about Premium Membership.

If you are on the fence about your exact business networking needs, then Pepperweb’s professionals are ready to provide an optimum comfort with our years of experiences in Social Networking, Business Communication and Internet Marketing tasks.

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