Kapill's Daily Reflections

Learning at lee elementary

January 6,2016

I started my expository biography in reading/writing rotation.For specials,we went to P.E. and played a hockey game.For lunch,I had pasta and carrots.In Reflex math I got a green light and I could finally get a new game!Guess what it was.Snake Slither!I have 4 games.

January 7,2016

One take-away is that I am almost done with my expository biography writing!I just need 1 and a half paragraphs to be done!It's due on Friday.But I actually think I won't finish!

January 8,2016

I finished my expository biography!I am so happy!I also did "Free Rice"on our Symbaloo page.I also only need 4 more days in Reflex until I can get a new game!

January 11,2016

Today was a great day!For snack I had apple slices and a string cheese stick.After that we read "The Yellow Star" and we did our first formal response!Then we went to lunch and recess.When we came back,I went to GT and I came back and I did green light day. For science, we did this thing called "science energy exploration".

January 12,2016

One take-away is that was when I finally started my weekly writing prompt!You get to write about what you look forward to.I look forward to being an architect when I grow up.We also read another chapter of "Number the stars".I think it's a pretty good book.My favorite part was in Social studies.We learned about the Texas Revolution!

January 14,2016

I would make Mrs Williams proud because I listened to the substitute teacher and I think I did pretty well today.I did all I could to try my best.Also,I got Kirie in Reflex math! I am so happy!

January 15,2015

Today was a great day!I finished my weekly writing prompt and turned it in to Schoology,I finished my 2nd nine weeks math test,and I even finished the whole Kirie game in Reflex math!(there was an almost impossible level in Kirie,but thank god I finished it!)

January 19,2016

Today was a great day!For specials we went to Enrichment,and we had a new teacher,Mrs.Lukas.She was nice!We also took our 2nd nine weeks reading test and I got a 100!I'm so happy! For Math we did this thing called Math labs.It was pretty fun!

January 20,2016

One awesome thing that we did today was that we got to try and light a lightbulb with a wire,bulb,and battery.It was so fun!

January 21,2016

One thing I learned about myself is that I kinda got better over the year on writing.I actually thought I would get a 1 or a 2,but I got a surprise.I got a three!I did'nt actually think I would get that high of a score!I'm so happy!

January 25,2016

One thing I learned today is that we learned about transition words.We also read this cool book named Wilma unlimited.It's about this girl with polio and she got first place in a 400-meter race!It was so cool!

January 26,2016

I would make Mrs. Williams proud because I listened to the substitute teacher and tried to be good.

January 27

Today was a great day!I unlocked a new game in Reflex math called Egyptian conniption.It's really fun!We also did this cool thing called Makey Makey where you can play instruments with circuits.After that,we did Mind missions.At the end of the day,we did a wall sit competition.

January 30,2016

Today was a pretty great day.For specials,we went to library.When we came back,we read a book called so you want to be president?I liked it!Then we went lunch and recess.When we came back,we did mind missions.we got to design a flag.It was so cool!Then we learned about input and output tables.

February 3rd,2016

The best part of my day was when we did the Geography bee.It was fun even though I lost!Sebastian won.I hope he goes to the finals and wins!

February 5,2016

Today was a pretty good day.The best part was when I got to go to the book fair.It was so cool!Also,I only need 4 more facts until I can get 100% fluency in Reflex math!I think I'm at like 98% right now.

February 8,2016

Today was a good day.There was a guy named James wand and he hosted a magic show.It was pretty cool!then we signed up for khan academy.also I only have 2 more facts in reflex to get 100%!

February 9,2016

Today was a great day.The best part was when we did an experiment with magnets!

February 10,2016

Today was the best day ever!The best part was when Mrs.williams gave us money to buy cookies!She's the best teacher ever!P.Sthe cookies were really good too!

February 11,2016

Today was a good day.I completed my weekly writing prompt,and I did Istation.Then we got to do our Republic of Texas menu.Me and Vikram worked on our task cards and completed them.Then when we came back,we did our number talks,Reflex math,and Khan academy.I liked Khan academy the best!

February 16,2016

Today was a good day.The best part was when we made a frayer model about electrons.I liked drawing the picture!

February 17,2016

Today was a pretty good day.One thing I learned about today is that I learned a little more about geometry and measurement.The best part was when I went way higher in The race to writing stamina.I wrote 185 words!

February 18,2016

The best part of my day was when in khan academy I finally got 10,000 energy points and I got 3 new backgrounds and a lot of new avatars.I also installed this new app that Mrs. Hunt told us about in library.its called tellagam.its a really cool app where you can animate yourself and make yourself talk and stuff like that.Today was a really good day!

February 19,2016

Today was a pretty good day.In the morning,we did this cool thing with fixed mindsets and growth mindsets.It's where you try and recreate this piece of paper with index cards.It sounds kind of easy,but it's really hard!After that,we went to specials.we went to music.It was fun because we got to play this fun game with balloons and we got to hit them around!Then when we came back,we did reading/writing workshop and i finished all my assignments.then we went to lunch and recess.when we came back we did this cool thing with the customary system.then we did flex time and we went home.

FebRusty 22,2016

Today was a pretty good day.The best part was when we did an experiment about measurement.Maybe I can use that to help me in the future when I become an architect!Also,I got a new game in reflex math: swamp chomper.i like it a lot!

March 4,2016

One adjective I would describe this week with would be "incredible", because this week we did some stuff like we did some writing,we read a math book and more.I bet next week will be even better because we get to do writing camp!YAY!