Peak Experience

By: Nina Delafosse and Ashley Charran :)

Economics Impact

Before, you climb Everest , you have to pay the Nepal government $25,000 royalty fee for yourself or $70,000 for a seven-person expedition crew. Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world,but tourism has the Everest region to become one of the wealthiest area in Nepal. Experienced Sherpa can make $2,000–$10,000 during the spring climbing season which helps their family. To climb Everest pay anywhere from $30,000 to $90,000.

The permit gives you a legal permission to be on Mount Everest. Mount Everest stands at 29,029 feet ,the permit is around $3,350. A regular climb from Tibet(north side) should cost around $32,000 and from Nepal (south side) $42,000.If you want to go with one of the low cost Nepali companies with some dangerous shortcuts, it will cost about $30,000 from either side. There are 3 ways to climb Everest : 1.put together your own expedition. 2. Join a logistics only expedition . 3. Join a fully guided team(Peak).

Climate on Everest

The climate on Everest is freezing cold.It snows or rains every day on Everest. On Everest it is -25*C in May.The wind speed can reach about 80 km/h. The Everest summit temperature ranges from an average of -4* F to -31* F.

Everest is shaped like a three-sided pyramid .The summit sit so high in the Earth's atmosphere that the amount of breathable oxygen.Did you know that lack of oxygen,powerful winds , and extremely cold temperatures stop the happening of development of any plant or animal?

Preparation of Climbing

To prepare for climbing Everest you need to train for the climb, improve Physical Conditions, and buy some climbing gear. Climbers like to swim, run, bike, weight lift, and climb to improve physical conditions. If someone is going to climb Mount Everest they need to climb to ABC and then climb back down to base camp to get used to the altitude and get ready for the climb. The last time you climb to get used to the altitude before climbing to the summit you can climb up to Camp4 and the climb back to base camp.

Climbers try to gain weight before they climb Everest because most climbers lose weight when climbing. Gear you need to have when climbing is boots that are oversized, Crampons, clothes, ice axes, harness, climbing back pack, headlamps for when climbing at night, and food. Also you need to have oxygen and oxygen masks for when climbing at really high altitude. You will also need a tent and sleeping bag for sleeping at night. Without this gear you will have a hard time climbing Everest.

Holly Angelo's report

Youngest Person to reach the Summit - By: Holly Angelo

On May 30th Sun-Jo a 14 year old boy reached the Summit of Everest. He is the youngest person to reach the summit. He reached the summit the day before his 15th birthday. If he had not reached the summit before his 15th birthday he would not have been the youngest person to reach the summit. Sun- Jo climbed Everest to help his family and sisters. Since Sun-Jo reached the summit he and his sisters can all go to school. Before the climb only his sisters went to school.

I got to climb to Camp 4 with Sun-Jo, but I decided that this was not my year to climb to the summit. I really liked meeting Sun-Jo and his grandfather Zopa. Sun-Jo is a really nice boy and is not shy to do things. I got to interview Sun-Jo because the other person I wanted to interview would not do it. I also really liked climbing with Sun-Jo. Sun-Jo accomplished something so hard and he helped his family by doing this

Peak Biography

Peak is a 14 year old boy and his real dad is Josh. Peak likes climbing so in New York he likes to climb Skyscrapers. One time when he was climbing a skyscraper he got caught and he had to go to court. After this Josh decided to take Peak to Tibet so he does not have to stay in New York. When they get to Tibet Josh tells Peak that he gets to climb Mount Everest. When Peak climbs Everest he wants to make it to the summit, but when he gets 10 feet away from the summit he turns around. He turns around because he lets Sun-Jo reach the Summit so Sun-jo can help is family. After this Peak goes back to New York just in time for the twins birthday party.

Biography of Sun-jo

Sun-jo is Zopa's grandson.Sun-jo is a little older than Peak.He needs to earn more money for his sisters to attend boarding school so, that's why Sun-jo is climbing Everest.Things had gotten a lot tougher for his family since his father died while saving Josh on Everest. Sun-jo's main goal is to get across the border into Nepal because he wasn't welcome in Tibet since the Chinese invaded.Sun-jo is a kind,honest,and friendly guy.He always tells the truth and does his best.

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