'' The No Guitar Blues ''

by Gary Soto

Main Character

The main character Fausto knew his mission in life ; play guitar in his own band ; sweat out his songs and prance around the stage ; to take money and dress weird . Fausto wanted to start a band like Los Lobos and have the girls all over him .


Fausto had an idea to mow lawns but he realized it was winter and decided to rake leaves . Fausto didn't really get any jobs except going to the store to get someone bread . While Fausto was sitting on the curb eating an orange a dog named Roger Fausto new he brlonged to the rich people who care a lot about there dogs and always give rewards so that gave Fausto an even bigger idea .


LIeing isn't always the way to go but if you tell the truth something good will come out of it .


This story teaches a lot of kids good ways because lying isnt always good . If you want something extremely badly than you have to work for it just like your parents do . Fausto lied to a rich family just so he can get a good reward but later on in the story he gave the money back to the church and that made Fausto feel really good about himself and at the end of the story Fausto got exactly what he wanted it wasnt new but it was still something .

by ; hope scott