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Lobit Middle School

Technology Integration at LMS

Hello! My name is Claudia Valastro, and I am the technology integration specialist assigned to the middle schools and the junior high. I work with Instructional Technology, and Mondays will be my weekly Lobit day.

I look forward to being at LMS this year, and I am eager to help you with your instructional technology needs.

While I am aligned with the technology department, please realize that my role is more on the instructional side! In other words, printers and your computer not turning on are not my forte. Brent Alleyn is on campus weekly to help with things like that. However, helping you with technology integration lessons IS my area of expertise, like all things Google, student assessment tools such as Plickers, Socrative, Quizizz, and Kahoot, and BYOD just to name a few.

I can be reached by phone at x6130, by email at, as well as at YouCanBook.Me to schedule time with me. Anything in blue is available!

Online Textbooks & Digital Resources

Please see the below links for more information on digital resources and textbooks for your subject area. You can find login information for yourself and your students here.

Instructional Technology Professional Development

Every month, we hold district level technology professional development. We do one session on Google and another on Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Because we are limited on the number of student devices available, we keep this in mind when planning to have realistic activities you can take back to your classroom.

Claudia Valastro, Technology Integration Specialist

Please visit my Technology Infused website to see various technology-related lessons and tools you might be interested in using in your classroom. I'd love to collaborate with you!

You can learn more about me on my e-resume.