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FIFA or MLB? By:Keaton Downey

Define The Decision

The decision that is being made is if I should get FIFA 2013 (soccer) or MLB 2013 (baseball). This decision has been a rather hard one for me. This is because anyone who has played the games has said that FIFA is much more exciting and thrilling than MLB. They also say that they think that MLB is better since baseball is America's sport.

Estimated Resources

One of the resources I have is my brain. The reason why is because no one can make the decision for me, only I can do that. Another resource I have is the money. Though this matter is not a problem because I know that I have enough money to buy either. I also knew that transportation would not be a problem because I was already told that my mom was taking me. The final resource that there is, is which store I would go to to purchase the game. Those are all the resources that were used during the decision making process.

Some Of My Choices On Where To Make My Purchase

Which Shall I Choose?


One alternative there is is to not get either and save my money for when something bigger and better comes. Although I don't think I will come to that decision because I have really been bored with the games I have been playing.

Imformation Gather

Some of the imformation I gathered is that both of the games are $59.99, so that made the decision a lot harder. It would have been easier if there was a $10.00 differnce but that didn't happen. Other information that I gathered is that both games are ranked very highly. With FIFA ahead in overall with 1045 to MLB's 970. On the other hand MLB leads in percentage with 86.98% to FIFA's 86.65% overall. So with all of this information the decision is harder than ever.

The Decision

So in the end I decided to purchase FIFA 2013. I chose to get FIFA because I had once played FIFA before and it was an amazing game in my opinion. That reason also goes along with why I didn't get MLB 2013, which is that I have never played it before so I didn't know if I would like it or not. So I guess you could say that was playing it safe. Though that's not always a bad thing.