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May 9, 2018

School's (Almost) Out For Summer

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  1. End of Year Technology Tasks and Reminders
  2. 4 New Ways to Play Quizlet Live
  3. Google Forms for Homework
  4. Cool Tool: Adobe Spark Video
  5. Google Classroom Notifications FYI
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End of Year Technology Tasks and Reminders

Archive your Digital Classrooms

Make sure you don't DELETE your Google Classroom, Seesaw Classroom, etc. because you may accidentally remove parent access to data. Deleting also means that you can't access the materials you've posted should you need them.

Both Google Classroom and Seesaw have an option to ARCHIVE the class, ensuring that you're ready for a fresh start next year but still have access to what you may need this year.

  1. Google Classroom: On your home screen, you can click the three vertical dots in the top right corner of your classroom and choose "Archive." The class will be moved to your archives, which can be located by clicking the three horizontal bars at the top left corner in your screen and scrolling to "Archived Classes."
  2. Seesaw: On the screen of the class you are archiving, click on the wrench in the top right corner. Scroll to the bottom of the menu that pops up, and choose "Archive Class."

For Google Classroom, failing to archive a class means that it will still show up on a student's home screen, which can be very frustrating for them organizationally. In fact, many students may remove themselves from your class prior to archiving simply because they don't want it on their home screen anymore. There are a few other tasks you can complete to clean up Classroom, as outlined in this blog post.

For Seesaw, archiving a class will remove a class from your active class list. Archived classes do not count towards your class limit. You can restore an archived class at any time if you need to access class content. Before deleting a class, make sure that you, your students, or their family members will not need any content posted to the class in the future. Deleting an account will delete all of the items within the class forever. There is no way to restore a class once it is deleted.

Password Protect Your Grids in Flipgrid

Flipgrid has changed some of it's terms and policies due to the requirements in Europe. This has lead to all grids being password protected by default. If you have any grids that are not password protected, they will be switched to this by June 8, 2018. Read more about this change here.

4 New Ways to Play Quizlet Live

If you haven't tried Quizlet Live yet, you're missing out! It's a pretty fun way to review in class, and highly engaging for students. That being said, some common complaints from students are that it doesn't give them a chance to win because they don't think as quickly as their peers. Below you will find 4 twists on the classic Quizlet Live game. Give them a try!

Cacophony: Students stay in their seats instead of moving to sit with group members. They may communicate vocally with teammates across the room. Warning: This one will create a louder environment and may not be for everyone, but it's certainly engaging and fun!

Silent: The opposite of cacophony, this game is conducted with students staying in their seats and communicating with team members with hand gestures. Students must remain silent.

Relay: Students will set up the computers for their team next to each other. Team members will line up behind their computers (so they can't see). Each player takes turns looking at all the computers, finding the answer, then tagging the next player. Check out an example here!

Tag Team: This game takes place silently. Half of the team stands, and half sits. The sitters put their heads down with two computers in front of them. The standers tap the shoulder, left or right, for which computer the sitter should answer on. The sitter looks up and must decide on the correct answer on that computer.

You can check out the blog post linked here for more info.

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Editable Google Forms--A GREAT option for homework!

There are times when your students may not have time to fill out a Google Form completely in one sitting--whether they get interrupted in work time, run out of time at the end of class, or need to adjust their work or answers.

Google Forms can be a phenomenal tool for collecting student work in one place, but it is tricky in that it requires full completion in one sitting.

To get around this, you can choose to allow students to “Edit after submit” in your Google Form Settings. While you may not choose to do this for true assessments, this is a great option for both formative assessments and assignments alike. To enable this feature, check each of the following boxes under the “General” tab.

  • Collect email addresses

  • Response receipts--Always

  • Edit after submit

I highly recommend turning your form into a "Quiz" even if you don't plan to call it that. This allows you to enter feedback for wrong answers and correct answers that can be self-grading or manually graded by you depending on the complexity of the answer.

To do this, click on the settings gear, and choose the Quizzes tab. Toggle the button "Make this a quiz" and click the button to release scores later after a manual review. This ensures that students don't get the answers BEFORE they're completely done with the form.

When a student gets as far as they can in their form, they can submit it even though they are not done. At this point, they will receive an email with their answers so far, as well as a link within that email to “Edit response.” This allows for students to click on the link to resume the form and continue to answer the questions until they are done.

Note: Each entry will display in the spreadsheet as a separate response, so be sure to grade the last entry for a student instead of the first. You can also get a sense for how students have changed answers from previous submissions this way. You’d be able to see at a glance if students had similar answers to a question as well.

For grading different sections of a class, you may choose to have a separate form for each class, or have a question for block or class so that you can sort out student work later.

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Adobe Spark

Create a video in 5 minutes! You can give THIS GUIDE to students for them to get started right away. This is a great tool for final projects, as it allows students to merge video, pictures, text and voice-overs to create an amazing video quickly and easily.

Google Classroom Notifications at MIDNIGHT?!

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Did you know that if you don't specify a due "time" in addition to the date in Classroom, your students will receive notifications for assignments that are due at midnight?! While most of our students hopefully turn off notifications on their phones at night, this is waking others. In addition to that, the notification is essentially not helpful in coming at such a late hour. Consider specifying a due "time" when the notification would be helpful, such as the beginning or end of the school day.