Mackinaw City

By: Haven Boyers


45.7839 degrees north, 84.7278 degrees west is the exact longitude and longitude of mackinaw city. Mackinaw city is located by the mackinaw bridge. Mackinaw City is in the western hemesphere


The weather in mackinaw city is about the same as Holland but because of all the wind from the lakes it is chiller than Holland. In mackinaw city the seasons are the same: ,winter summer ,spring ,fall.
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The culture comes from the Ojibwa people, and In Mackinaw City they have lots of little stores. Elevation of 594 ft (181 m). The temps are similar to Holland or Saugatuck MI.

Mackinaw City probably has more people and tourists because it is the only way to get from the lower peninsula to the upper peninsula of Michigan. And it is crowded because of the Mackinaw Bridge.


The main transportation of mackinaw city is the mackinaw bridge and/or boats because mackinaw city's three main sides are surrounded by water. Some pull factors of going to mackinaw city are being right by the lake, by the mackinaw bridge so you could get to the U.P easily, and having the old kind of town feeling. Some push factors are the weather and temps are very cold and/or bad, very busy streets all the time, and having the traffic of the mackinaw bridge.
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Human/Environment Interaction

Some ways that humans have changed Mackinaw City is the bridge humans created the bridge to go across the lake to get to the U.P. People in Mackinaw City have adapted to the weather in M.C by wearing winter clothes. And most people rely on Mackinaw City's bodies of water that surround it.
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