Sheriff Woody

Toy story character profile


Woody is an old-fashioned cowboy doll that has a string attached to its body. Woody is the favorite toy of Andy and also leads the whole group of toys. Almost all of the toys in the room look up to him as the leader. The coming of Buzz Light-year is as sense of jealousy and competition between them. Woody's trademark outfit features a cow skin vest, yellow checkered shirt, blue jeans, cowboy hat and boots, red bandanna around his neck and an empty pistol holster on his right hand side and a sheriff's badge. Woody often represents maturity and has to suffer for his intelligence because everyone around him are more childish than he is.

Woody's Character Traits

In conclusion, Woody is loyal at heart. He’s loyal to his friends and most notably Andy. He battles often with his pride, is a born leader, and is someone who you can count on. He isn't afraid to let his opinion be known and demonstrates a strong dose of common sense.

Woody is resentful, intelligent and a leader