By Logan May

The Land of the Silver State

My state has 4 land regions. They include the Columbia Plateau, the Mojave Desert, Stierra Nevada Mountains, and the Eastern Border. The Columbia Plateau is a place where water is transmitted to the Colorado River. The Mojave Desert has plants like Sagebrush, the state flower, Yucca, and Cholla Cactus. The Stierra Nevada Mountains are a place that is steep and rocky, go figure, but also has Nevada's highest point at Boundary Peak. The Eastern Border is a place with lots of big canyons.
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Political Facts

My state's population is 1,998,257 as of 2003. My largest county is Clark with 18,091 of square miles. My top 3 cities with the most population are at #1-Las Vegas with a population of 478,434. At #2 is Reno with a population of 180,480 and at #3-Henderson with a population of 175,381. All of this is as of 2003.

Famous People

  • Mark Twain- famous writer.
  • Anne Martin- leader of giving women rights in Nevada.
  • Andre Agrassi- international tennis player

Early Historical Facts

My first known inhabitants are the Paleo-Indians from Asia. Spanish and Europeans came to start exploring Nevada, which have already settled in New Mexico during the 1500's. Other people started learning about the west and other emigrants came. Some looked for farmland and others looked and even found GOLD. Speed up time a bit and we are now in WW1 (World War 1) Nevada had all the mining materials to make weapons, so the country relied on them to make some of the weapons.
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What's In a Name?

Nevada was first explored by the Spanish so it makes sense that it has a Spanish name, Nevada. In English this means "snowy". They chose this name because Nevada has very snowy winters. Its nickname the Silver State, was named because of miners coming to Nevada to look for gold and silver.
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Natural Resources

Nevada is known for having great natural resources, here are a few. Some of the biggest are copper, gold and silver probably because Nevada is the highest producer of mining minerals. Others are found at ranches outside cities. These include alfalfa, melons and other natural resources.
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Tourist Attractions

More Famous People

  • Wayne Newton-Performed 25,000 shows
  • Steve Wynne-Built Las Vagas

Maps Of Nevada

The Roller Coaster (HD POV) New York, New York Hotel & Casino Las Vegas

Above is the New York, New York Hotel rollercoaster

{VEGAS} Desperado Roller Coaster HD Front POV BUFFALO BILLS Hotel & Casino Primm Valley Nevada

Above is the buffalo bill hotel rollercoaster