Alumni News Letter

May 2016

Alpha Omicron Induction

We are happy to announce that we currently have 32 new brothers of the Alpha Omicron Class! (4 still need to be inducted, but that is happening tomorrow!)


Saturday, April 30th, 10am

306 West Michigan Street

Mount Pleasant, MI

Alumni Banquet is this Saturday! Thanks to those of you who signed up to come! We can't wait to see your beautiful faces! :)

New Leaders!

Due to people going alum and others dropping out we have some new elected positions! :)

Parliamentarian: Ashley Osterdale

Female Liaison: Sam Digue

Alumni Co-Chair: Hannah Mathies

ICR Co-Chairs: Renee Baumgart and Julia Grenier

Spirit Chair: Paige McComas

Philanthropic Development Chair: Augusta Overy

Webmaster: Jenn Vlas

Leadership Chair: Evan Bates