12 days of Christmas...

Wolf style!

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On the first day of Christmas...

my office gave to me

A candy cane to nibble

or hang on my Christmas tree!

On the second day of Christmas

A sweater contest was a'happenN

Winners were winning

and losers backs we were a'slapN!

On the third day till Christmas

my admin gave to me

jeans to be comfy for

two weeks ahead of crazy!

(I sure hope ya'll are singing these in your head!!)

On the fourth day till Christmas

a treat was placed for me

Breakfast in the lounge

Picked up special by Pattyyyyyyyyyy!

On the fifth day till Christmas

a PLC treat was popped

with all sorts of goodies

for the top!

On the 6th day till Christmas

Join your team or ur wrk bestie,
with 6 days left till Christmas break,
visit the PLC room photo booth,
and create a memory to take!

On the 7th day till Christmas

I came to work comfy

in jammies and the

chance to leave early!

On the 8th till Christmas

A cozy wearing day

flannel head to toe?

whatever works

5 days to go!

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On the 9th day till Christmas

In your box

A Chocolate treat

Festive and fabulous

for you to eat!

On the 10th day till Christmas

In the lounge

a buffet awaits

Grab a snack

for goodness sakes!

On the 11th day till Christmas

Every hour on the hour

a name will be yelled loudly

a gift card raffle just for you

to shop oh so proudly!

Today! Today begins your Christmas break!

A gift for you

a farewell cheer

a gift of goodies

to close out this 1/2 year!