Stop Cyberbullying

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What is Cyberbullying?

What this means to me is that when young teens get on a wed and they would talk a bunch of mean things about others and they like to pick at them in front of there friend. They think it's funny and interesting that you talk and pick at people .

Examples of Cyberbulling

Examples of this is when people talk about how nasty you are and fat you are. They just call you names. But they don't say it to your face they put it on the internet where everyone can see it. It should be only nice things behind the screen.

Three differences between Cyberbulling and bulling

Three differences I would say is, bullying is something that happens at school and Cyberbullying happens online.Bullying have touching involved,Cyberbullying doesn't. And bullying is a little more than Cyberbullying.

Effects of Cyberbullying

Effects of this would be teens being mean and picking at kids at school. But they want be at school picking at them they would be at home online where everyone could see. And when they get school that day they would all start laughing at that person.

Prevention and Awareness

Used for information and communications with friends. But somehow they want to use this for a place where you communicate about others these are examples of things they use this for.To embarrass others, to hurt others feelings and to also make them not have friends anymore.

Establishing Rules

I think that they should establish the rules to where there is no bullying going on at schools or in public. I say this because I think they don't pay enough attention to who is getting bullied at school. So I think they should do a better job at that part.

Reporting a Cyberbully

A lot of kids and there parents would want to report that Cyberbully that's been picking with their child. So a lot of them do. What they do is they would go to a reporter and tell them what's been going on. But before you go you have to have evidence because they are going to ask you questions like who was it and when did this happen. So that's what you have to do to see a reporter

Report to your online service provider

What i think this really means is to when you get online and you see someone has hacked your page or posted things about you, you should tell someone that you think that is really good at stopping that issue. Once you do that everything would be handled and it would be stopped or tried to be stopped.

Report to your local Law Enforcement

If you are assigned a law enforcement leader then that would be a great choice to go to when you are needing help with an issue like that. They will help you out as fast as they can and do it as fast as they can to make it stop.

Report to your School

Make sure you have mom or dad come and speak to the person whose over the school and then tell them whats been going on at school and online. You want to do that because you want to get a head start for they could call home and tell them whats been going on and ask them why have their child been doing this.