Tests, quizzes and GRADES oh my!

A quick walk through of how we do grades in 5th Grade!

How do they work?

Rock Hill School District 3 currently records grades using 1,2,3,and 4 for each standard and P, NY and T for each indicator. Several parents have mentioned how confusing these grades are so I wanted to attempt explaining them and how we use them as a fifth grade team. P stands for Proficient, NY stands for not yet proficient, and T stands for To be assessed. Typically assessments are given for each indicator. When those are graded you will see a P, NY-2 or NY-1 those grades indicate to you your child's understanding. Each of those indicators are averaged together to equal a 1, 2, 3 or 4 for the specific standard.

P and NY what???

In class assessments.

As I grade your child's work I determine how many problems they can miss and still be considered proficient with that topic/content. Proficient or P-3 is a GREAT thing it means your child is right where they should be with their understanding; they are on grade level. It is not typical for a child to receive P-4 that would indicate the child is performing above grade level.

When you see a NY-2 do NOT panic it simply means your child has a little more to do before they completely understand the indicator. An NY-1 means that your child is struggling to understand the concept and they need small group instruction to assist them in learning.

I give multiple assessments and I strive to help each student reach a P-proficient.


As usual I want to help you and your child in anyway that I can! Please feel free to contact me through email, note or phone call!