Water Conservation

By Belki Robles, Matthew Jiang, Matthew Kalaf, Khalope Berry

Water Usage

In the United States of America people waste a lot of water for silly things. An average american family uses about 400 gallons of water everyday! You use 8 gallons to bath. You also use 20 gallons for the dishwasher. You drink 8oz. per cup. Thats alot of water! In California, 50% of thw water is environmentally used, 40% of the water is from agriculture, and the remaining is 10% is urban.

Water Conservation (Ways to Save Water)

Water Distribution

In the whole entire world, we can only use 1% of the water. The rest is frozen or saltwater( which we can't drink). People worry about the water because we are running out of water quickly. The water source is being limited. We also are having water droughts and the climate is changing quickly. we cna only get usabel water from mountains and rain.

Water Usage/Conservation Project