Bill Kralis

Being a Firefigther

Firefighting is not for everyone. You have to be willing to risk your life every single day to save the lives of complete strangers. You have to be willing to run into a burning building when everyone is running out. You cant just suddenly decide one day you want to be a firefighter, you have to train and prepare for it. Your gonna have to want to help people everyday, and put their lives in front of yours. That is why I want to be a Chicago Firefighter.

How to Become a Firefighter

Becoming a firefighter is not as easy as it was a few years ago. Back in the day, anybody could be a firefighter with just a little bit of training. But today, a person needs many different requirements to become a firefighter in Chicago. The person has to be age 21 or older, have a high school diploma or their GED, pass the CPAT, the Candidates Physical Abilities Test, must pass a background test, must have a valid drivers license, and must live in the city that they are working in.

Duties of a Firefighter

The job of a firefighter is to control and extinguish fires or respond to emergency situations where life, property, or the environment is at risk. Duties may include fire prevention, emergency medical service, hazardous material response, search and rescue, and disaster assistance

A Firefighters Schedule and Salary

A firefighters schedule could be confusing at times. Most firefighters work a 24 hour shift and then have 48 hours off. They are also paid a salary. The average salary for a Firefighter in Illinois is $41,100, but some can make up to $85,000 a year.

Working Locations

Well there are 982 fire departments in Illinois and 84 in Cook County. I would like to work at a station that i live near so its not that far of a commute. But as long as im doing the job that i love, it doesn't matter where i am working.

Education Needed

To be a firefighter, you would need a two year college degree in fire science. If college isnt for you, any military service would also get you a job as a firefighter.

Skill Required

You defiantly have to be in good shape to be a firefighter. Running in and out of buildings with 40 pounds of equipment definitely requires strength and stamina. You must also be a good problem solver. But a good communicator is the most important. Without communication, you will not know what to do in a situation where lives are at stake.

Job Outlook

Firefighting employment rates have gone up over the last few years. In 2008, there were 19,330 firefighters in Illinois and that number is predicted to go up to 20,000 by 2018. Firefighting is a very popular job and is always looking for new employees.
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