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NO SCHOOL - February 17th and 20th

Monthly Superintendent Letter

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February 13, 2023

5:00 pm



Senior Capstone and Seminars - SENIORS WILL BE GUEST PRESENTERS! You don't want to miss this!

7 C - Critically Competent

District Priority 4 - Facilitate Individual Commitment and Community Contribution

Family Share Questions/Ideas to the District


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BV Schools Proud!

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A worthwhile BV Schools Proud event will happen this Friday night, February 3. Not only can you come out to enjoy the company of our BV Community and cheer on our basketball teams, between the girls and boys games at about 6:30 pm, a special event will take place! Read more about the event here.

BV Schools "Good to Knows"

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As required by Colorado law, annually families are notified of required and recommended childhood immunizations. Immunization Letter.

Breakfast and lunch costs:

BV Schools is experiencing high levels of charges and unpaid fees for lunch. Please check your child's account. Important information about free meals in Colorado is included in the Good to Knows red button link.

Safety Practice

Learn about upcoming safety drills and BV Schools Standard Response to emergencies.

BV Schools Facilities:

Preschool, Track and Field, and Old Gym/District office updates are included in Good to Knows.

CCHS Update

We know our community is very interested in our Chaffee County High School and its recent transition. So many good things are happening for our students! We have had several students graduate early from CCHS and we will be celebrating their accomplishments in May. Please enjoy the CCHS Newsletter January linked here.

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BV Schools and What's in the News

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BV Schools and What’s in the News

The media and politicians are focusing much attention on public education these days. We celebrate the collective commitment to the education and wellbeing of our youth. It is a worthy dialogue for us all to engage. Unfortunately, not all that is highlighted in the news is the reality of your local schools. We welcome, invite, and encourage our families and community to contribute to the goodness of BV Schools. Our local school board is available to link to the community, the BV PEAKS (Partners Engaged Around Kids’ Success) meets regularly to exchange information about the schools, there are monthly meetings and this Monthly. Each month, we will begin sharing information about topics in public education and provide some perspective on what is happening in your local BV Schools.

This month's topic:

Topic Four: Clubs - Does BV Schools Allow Some Types of Clubs But Not Others?

Previous topics:

Topic Three: Are math scores declining?

Topic Two: Teachers are Indoctrinating Students with their Personal Beliefs

Topic One: Most third graders are not reading at grade level and the Science of Reading

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