All Things Business...

We are here for you - October 2020

Brian J. Murray, Assistant Superintendent, Business Services

Welcome to our first department newsletter! We hope you find this newsletter informative and helpful to you. It is extremely important to me that principals and other school stakeholders see the Business Services Department as a group of dedicated individuals who work as a team to help all students meet the district’s vision, “Lifelong learning starts here!” The Business Services mission is to, “Support all students, parents and colleagues to ensure they are provided with a safe, appropriate learning and working environment by providing dedicated support and resources so that each student develops a growth mindset.” We are all collectively committed to using this mission as a roadmap that will lead us to our district’s vision. The purpose of “All Things Business” is to improve communication between our department and our school stakeholders, and for our readers to have a better understanding of the business services department’s role in educating our students.

Staffing updates...This is us!

Facilities, Planning & Development

Facilities Planning staff updates:

We would like everyone to welcome Yolanda (Loni) Mann, the new Facilities Planning (FP) Assistant. Loni started with FP on 8/31/2020 while she is new to FP, she is not new to the district and comes to us from James Workman Middle School. Loni is handling MCP submittals and tracking and a multitude of other projects. If you have a chance, please stop by and welcome Loni!

After working in FP for 32 years, Delia Diaz officially started her retirement in July 2020. We will all miss Delia’s smiling face but be assured she is having a great time in retirement and when you see her around town, please wish her well!!

Kent Hems and Nate Rodriquez, FP project managers, have worked diligently throughout the summer taking advantage of students and staff not being on campus to move their construction projects along.

Ruth Burgett, FP Accountant, has kept our project budgets on track and accounted for all bond dollars spent.

Facilities Planning staff have all worked hard through the COVID 19 pandemic and will continue to serve our district schools, staff and students to ensure the schools are safe places to learn.

Fiscal Services

The PSUSD Fiscal Services functions includes payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivables, collecting developer fees, accounting operations, regulatory reporting, maintaining and creating budgets, attendance reporting, and cash handling. We are here to serve the district employees as we all support the students. Please let us know how we are doing and if you have suggestions for process improvements.

Purchasing News

Student Records Retention – NEW InformkedK12 form: INTRA-DISTRICT CUMULATIVE FILE TRANSFER

This form was created to allow for better tracking of small bundles of student files such as one or more individual files. This is to address the request through the year. This also provides tracking and accountability for confidentiality of student records. Anybody needing access to the form can contact Shuy Abe, Purchasing Assistant, x4806131.

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Payroll Updates

Social Security Withholding Update

On August 8, 2020, President Donald Trump issued a Presidential Memorandum providing for the deferral of the employee portion of Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI)—commonly referred to as Social Security taxes.

We have had a few inquiries from the staff regarding this deferral. It is very important to note that this provision would only be a deferral of the employee taxes due and this is not a mandatory requirement. The employee taxes due are not reduced.

PSUSD utilizes the financial software from RCOE as do most of the Riverside County schools districts. RCOE is not offering this Social Security deferral so this deferral is not available to PSUSD employees.

Health & Welfare Rates

The 20/21 Health & Welfare Insurance Rates will change in the September 2020 payroll as we enter the new plan year starting October 1, 2020. The employees that are eligible for benefits may see changes in the paycheck deductions for their medical insurance. The H&W rate charts if you have any questions are available on the PSUSD website under the Human Resources department and then the Risk Department webpage. The Teamsters will not have any changes in their H&W premiums but the PSTA and management/confidential employees may see small changes in costs.

Communications Stipends

Starting in September 2020, designated Teamster members that are supporting students in new ways with distance learning, will have a $50 communications stipend in their paychecks. This stipend was requested by the site administrators for the staff that they are utilizing differently to support their students.

The New Tradition is Good Nutrition!

Nutrition Services

One month after PSUSD began the school year with Distance Learning, USDA extended the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) through the end of the calender year. As a result the Nutrition Service Department quickly shifted back from the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) back to the SFSP. This program allows the department to serve all children 18 years of old and younger, without requiring identification. This is simplified process increases access to our families and their children.

Safety Purchasing Environmental Group (COVID-19)

This group was assembled back in May to ensure that the DAC and DSC were prepared and ready to welcome staff back to full operation and open up to the public. They are currently meeting with each site administration group to provide the same service for each site to assist with bringing students back to school safely when we begin our Hybrid Learning Model. The group’s goal is to engage in conversation around concerns and considerations that need to be addressed before opening school and bring those concerns to cabinet for discussion. The team will assist with:

1. Physically setting up a classrooms and listen to concerns, challenges and issues, engage in dialogue for possible solutions.

2. Identify the isolation room, logistics and staffing.

3. Listen to ideas on best service models for meals, measure serving areas, for better undstanding of capacity with 6 foot distance, and share options for consideration.

The team is open to understanding the hurdles and finding the best solution for each site as we progress into Hybrid Learing.

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From left to right:

Stephanie Bruce, Director, Nutrition Services

Levaughn Smart, Executive Director, Security & Disaster Preparedness

Renee Brunelle, Director Risk Management

Laura Dyson, Supervising Nurse

Rudy Villarreal, District Security Manager

Bob Spinuzza, Transportation Services Coordinator

Rebecca Abeyta, Director, Purchasing/Warehouse/Reprographics

Jose Garcia, Custodial Manager (not pictured)