Ms. Mac's Memos

March 26th

Mission & Vision

Park Street Mission:

We Learn. We Grow. We Thrive.

Park Street Vision:

Our vision is to provide a collaborative foundation for successful learning and living through:

P- Positive Experiences

S- Supporting all students

E- Engaging with the community and creating

S- Students of excellence

Week at a Glance


  • Admin Zoom Meeting 1:00pm


  • PLC Zoom Meetings
  • Clerical Zoom Meeting 10:00am


  • Principal's Zoom Meeting 3:00pm


  • Admin Zoom meeting 11:00am
  • K/1 Principal's Zoom Phonics call 1:00pm
  • SILT (School Improvement Leadership Team) Zoom Meeting 2:30pm

Weekly Meeting Schedule

Admin Meetings: Mondays & Thursdays at 1pm

SILT Meetings: Thursdays at 2:30pm

Clerical Meetings: Tuesdays at 10:00am

PLC Meetings: Tuesdays

  • Kindergarten- 11:30am
  • 1st grade- 1:00pm
  • 2nd grade- 3:00pm
  • 3rd grade- 11:00am
  • 4th grade- 1:00pm
  • 5th grade- 2:30pm
  • ID teachers- 11:30am


Frequently Used Links

Announcements/ Tips & Tricks

If you have any announcements/ tips or tricks to share with the staff, please use the link below and I will add to the newsletter. We have seen some incredible videos and ideas and we would love to share your great work!

Materials and Supplies

If you are running low on teaching supplies and materials, please fill out the Google form below. We are working on developing a plan to ensure each teacher has the resources they need to teach digitally. Please fill out the form if there is something you need to effectively teach from home.

We will be placing an order for read aloud books for teachers.

Orders will be placed on Wednesday. Pick up will be Friday.

Staff Shout out Link

Here is the link to add a staff shout out:



Coaches' Corner

Pearson digital help.

Big picture

Assistant Principals' Corner


Thank you for your diligence in working to make contact with every student in your classroom. If you haven't already confirmed with me, please send an email to Ashley that you have contacted ALL families or have NOT contacted all families (no later than Friday, March 27th at 8am). Continue to use the google form link to update students you can't reach.

Also, keep up the good work with your digital instruction. Ms. Bagwell and Mr. Soto will be looking through the courses to see how and what you all are doing and seeing how we can support you.

New School Map

I have created the map for our new school. It will NOT be 100% finalized until the building is constructed and we can see spaces in person. As many of you know, things can look very different on paper compared to real life. The map is posted below.

  1. As you will be able to see, every room and space is assigned. As of right now, we will have two pull out spaces. These will NOT belong to one person. These will be spaces that can be used for students requiring pull-out support. For example, our intensive students or SPED students. These rooms will be scheduled around the pull-out schedule.

  2. The SPED room will be Dr. Caldwell's office and will also be used as a meeting space for IEPs and possibly for ISS if needed.

  3. The AC room is the Academic Coaches office. This will be used for all professional development, unless there are multiple PDs occurring on one day. The goal is to use this space for PD so we do not have to close down the Media Center during the school day.

  4. The TAG (Gifted) room will also be utilized as a pull out space when gifted classes are not being held.

  5. The MTSS space will primarily be a Meeting space, but will also be the office of our new MTSS coordinator, Mr. Johnson. This room will have a conference table and be available for use when not being utilized for MTSS purposes.

  6. When the Innovation Lab is not in use, it can also be a pull out space for learning. A schedule will be developed.

  7. The CCR is the Community Collaboration Room. This is Ms. Martinez’s office and will also be the location of our food pantry and all of the donations we receive for students.

  8. Some disclaimers:

    1. The map may change, but not much.

    2. Classroom order will NOT change unless we add an extra class.

    3. Every support staff member will be housed in a homeroom classroom next year.

      1. We have communicated with most support staff which teacher you will be co-teaching with, but we are still figuring some things out.

      2. We will be moving to a "co-teaching" model similar to what they have at Sawyer Rd. and Dunleith. Our goal is to have two teachers/paras in every room, unless we are running a different model. (NOT everyone will have a co-teacher all day)

      3. For instance, the "co-teaching" model will mean it is no longer Mr. Sponge Bob's room. It will now be Mr. Sponge Bob and Mr. Patrick's room to share, decorate, etc.



Phonics Lessons

Ms. Hoffman and Ms. Fitzgerald doing a phonics lesson for students.
Big picture
Big picture
Big picture

Padlet Digital Bulletin Board

Today's topic post: Tell us why you love Park Street. Why are you proud to be a Panther?

Padlet Link:

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Pearson Video Lesson from Ms. Staphylaris

Watch a Pearson lesson from Ms. Staphylaris below.
Types of Triangles video

Phonics Cycle Results

Typically, I only share phonics results with the Kindergarten and First grade teams. Today, I thought it would be nice to show the results of the hard work of the K & 1 teachers and paras with everyone. Here is the link to the district Phonics results for cycle 8:

Staff Shout Outs... (please submit shout-outs by 3pm)

1. Abigail Hatheway

Thank you so much for your patience, forward thinking, help, and guidance as you deal with older team-mates! :) You are a ROCKSTAR!

2. Rhonda, Abby, Erin, Dana, Tom

So grateful to be able to work with this fabulous, dedicated, professional, caring and hard working team! :)

3. Amanda Montgomery, Kat Staphylaris, Mitzi Langdon

These professionals are not just checking boxes and sending out information as required they’re connecting to the best of their abilities with students to help them feel safe and valued and trying to help them feel confident about digital learning

4. Doreen and A'Deshi

Thank you so much for joining our class Zoom meeting! I know the kids really enjoyed seeing you and hearing your voices. If we would have let them, they probably would've stayed on for hours! I am so grateful for your support and love for our kiddos! :)

5. Ms. Worley

Thank you for taking the time to help me get familiarized with Screencast-O-Matic.

6. Alex Soto

Alex, thank you for reaching out just to see how we were. It's such a simple gesture that means so much.

7. Heather Welch

Thank you for continuing to be your kind, bubbly, happy self even in times of trouble.

8. Chrissy Smith

I appreciate how you always share out innovative ideas and aren't afraid to try things. Your constant state of happiness is a pleasure to be around.

9. Linda Skaggs

Thanks for going to the ZOOM meeting regarding the devices/internet and sharing the info you got.

10. Audrey Dominguez

Thanks for reaching out and just checking in! You're such a kind soul & I want to be like you when I grow up.

11. First grade team

Thank you for sharing so much with me, not just during this time, but also this entire school year. You've really made me feel a part of the team, even if I'm a few halls away.

12. Diona McIntire

Thank you for being the leader you are. Through this time you've been so calm and in control and in great spirits. It's a pleasure to be led by you.

13. Kern

I know you are working so hard, thank you.

14. Underwood & Smith

Thank you for sharing your daily schedules/tracking options. It was quite helpful.

15. Tangela Ponders

Thank you for being a kind soul, always saying "good morning" and making me feel obligated to say it back, even if I'm a grumpy morning person. I appreciate how you are working through online challenges and remaining calm & positive and for respecting my office hours ;)

16. V

For helping me with MATH & for popping up on my Class Dojo & Schoology to get the kids motivated!

17. Amanda Cobb

I haven't spoken with you since we left school, but I SEE all the work you're doing and how helpful you are being, I'm so happy that I've been able to work with you so much this year. Thank you for popping in on my Schoology page and commenting on the students' videos, I know that means so much to them!

18. Genesis Ortiz

To be so young, you have the confidence of someone who has been doing this job for years.
You are so creative & innovative with how you do things and you inspire me! Thank you for being willing to help with my YouTube page, even though I haven't gotten to it yet, AND for posting HILARIOUS memes to keep me entertained during this time!

19. Ana Mead

Thank you for your grateful/thankful attitude. I notice you saying "thank you" often & it seems so simple, but it is lost on so many.

20. Coaches

Thank you for all you have done to support, locate articles, find new things to post, answer questions, and give feedback. I TRULY appreciate you both.

21. Ashley & Alex

Thanks for being ROCKSTARS and thinking through all of the many steps I forget. You guys are the best!