Home Design Of The Future

By Serena Desouza

Sustainable Ecosystems

I would live in a temperate deciduous forest biome, because its the perfect climate. I would create a “green” environment around my home by having/ planting many trees, and flowers. I would want a (maple,tree in my front yard because it can help cool my house but providing shade. I would plant many flowers like Hydrangeas, Sunflowers etc, it makes the house look even prettier as well as helps bees pollinate.

I would plant/farm many vegetables as well, for example tomatoes,carrots,etc. Growing fresh vegetables are great it taste better because it doesn’t contain any chemicals/Gmo products. It cheaper, its so inexpensive to buy seeds. I would only use all natural fertilizers like rich soil, and banana peels, coffee grounds, and egg shells.

I would use a eco friendly car that runs on electricity , it is better for the environment because it doesn't use that much gas and it doesn't pollute the air.

I would have recycling,compose, garbage bins outside my house, the recycling/garbage trucks would pick up my garbage every week. They would take it to a waste land, and recycling center were they would separate it into the proper section where it would be made into something new.

I am sponsoring polar bears at the local zoo. Polar bears are endangered species due to global warming, the ice caps are melting. By sponsoring them we can help and save the species from becoming extinct.

Atoms, Elements, and Compounds

The Three chemicals I found that can be dangerous in my house hold were:

Chlorine- If chlorine gas is exposed in the air it can be very dangerous symptoms are

  • Blurred vision
  • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath.
  • Burning sensation in the nose, throat, and eyes

Sulfuric Acid- Can be found in house hold appliances , if it comes in contact with humans/pets it can be very very dangerous. The chemical is very reactive, you should quickly wash the area that has been effected by it.

Ammonia- If it comes in contact with humans/pets it can irritate the skin, eyes, throat, and lungs.

The Characteristics of Electricity

I would use Solar power panels on the roof of my house. Also Wind Power by by using wind turbines. My house would use the Sun's energy as well as the wind's energy to power the house. Its better then uses electricity to power the entire house.

Not only that, in my house i would make sure use natural and organic materials. Turning off unused appliances , and opening up widows and letting the light shine through, instead of using lights inside the house. My house turns off any lights/ appliances if not being used, so incase i forget my house will do it for me.

The appliances in my house would have EnergyStar program. My house will contain the pretty basic appliances a washer and dryer, refrigerator stove, microwave , dishwasher, etc. I chose these appliances because I would need them in my everyday life, washing the clothes, storing food , warming up food etc. Without these appliances it would be pretty hard to live.

I would use Fluorescent lightbulbs, and eco friendly lights . They would not use as much power as the average light bulb and they would also better for the environment

The Study of the Universe

1) The first type of technology is going to be a telescope. But this inset your ordinary telescope, this telescope is more advanced, it can see even closer to the moon and star, not only that but when you look at the moon you can see craters and more detail then you have seen ever before.

2) The second appliances is a device that turns the walls into a starry night, It projects actually images of twinkling star from outside your house inside your room. It shows a slightly smaller image of outer space, you can touch, and pick up the stars from the walls and get a better view and look at them