Tablet Deployment

Kiser Middle

Please Read and Save

All information you will need for tablet deployment is here and more forthcoming. It's a lot of information, so pour a nice cup of joe (or tea) as you peruse. :) If you have any questions, please contact Jeri Brown (PLEF), Cherie Wasserman (Media Spec), or your grade level/department PACE team rep!

The Tablet Certification Form...

...formerly known as Permission Slip

This year's permission form has been renamed a certification form. Students/parents have 3 actions to take on this 1/2 sheet. They are to check the box (1) that gives permission to use apps and web 2.0 tools as outlined by GCS. Parents are to give their consent for tablet use and understanding of the handbook (2) and students are sign showing their understanding of the same, including expectations (3).

Students will be expected to return these forms to use tablets. No returned and signed form, no tablet. If parents request that students only use tablets at school or not at all, please communicate this to admin, Ms. Wasserman and myself. Collect and file these forms until the end of the school year.

A handbook will not be sent home with all students this year. As stated on the certification form, the handbook can be found at The school will have a limited number of printed copies that can be sent home upon parent request.
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The Classroom Student Module

Tablet Functionality and Care

This year, one module will be delivered to students by teachers. It is linked below.

Social Studies teachers: you are responsible for teaching the linked module below.

Tablet Functionality and Care Lesson Overview

Classroom Powerpoint: Functionality and Care

(Feel free to download this presentation to your desktop and personalize it. If you add to the content or change an activity, please make sure the basic information/message is remains unchanged.)

This is slightly different this year because students will not have any modules prior to having tablets, only one after tablets are handed out.

The other module that will be taught is Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship. This will occur when students pick up their tablets in the Media Center.

ELA teachers: you are responsible for bringing students to the Media Center according to the schedule to pick up tablets. A separate email will be shared with you containing your needed Playlist/Lesson link. This Playlist will accompany the tablet lesson to be taught in the Media Center. Please save that playlist and bring YOUR charged, teacher tablet to the media center to push the contents playlist to students. The main points of the lesson will be taught by Jeri. However, if you'd like to go deeper with students or complete additional activities at a later date, they'll already have the full content!

All teachers, there is a Playlist available about Troubleshooting (link below). I encourage all of you to save it and discuss what teacher would share it with students. The Playlist contains troubleshooting steps, care poster, etc. This is an great reference tool for students (and teachers)!

Troubleshooting & Care Playlist:

The Assessment

Via Quiz Builder on Tablets

The cumulative student assessment will be 20 questions. You will need to save the playlist to the appropriate class(es) and share with them after the module above is taught. Version 1 should be given to all students. The assessment will be auto-graded. Those with passing scores have full use of the tablet. If students do not pass, have version 2 (will send via email) ready to go and share immediately. The goal--all students should pass the first or second time given.

Homeroom teachers: you are responsible for delivering the assessment after the social studies teachers complete their modules.

8th grade: Wednesday, Sept. 16

7th grade: Thursday, Sept. 17

6th grade: Monday, Sept. 21

This Final Assessment playlist link:

Once students show proficiency in all things tablet AND they have returned a signed permission form, they can take their tablets home and have full use of them.

The Schedules

Coming to an inbox near you....

Schedules will be sent to the affected subject area teachers (mainly ELA) regarding the times to bring classes to the Media Center. As before, classes will report to the MC at their designated time. Students will pick up their pre-registered devices, check them out from Ms. Wasserman and receive the internet safety and digital citizenship lesson from Jeri.

The entire process should take no longer than 30 minutes.

The Expectations

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Have you clearly communicated your team expectations with your teammates and students? Be sure your team's message is clear to students regarding those team-based expectations such as when/where tablets can be charged, being checked into class when class starts, staying on task, etc.

The school-wide expectations for tablet use at Kiser are outlined below. This page will be shared with each of you to post in your classrooms. This is something admin will share with students and parents as well.

Be reminded that off-task behavior is just that. Using a tablet to be off-task is no different than anything else so please judge consequences accordingly.

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