Knightly News

February 4, 2019

Valentine's Day Information

Washington will celebrate Valentine's Day on Thursday, February 14th with classroom parties. The morning kindergarten party will occur at 10:45am; all other parties will occur at 2:30pm. Volunteers will be allowed to go to classrooms at 2:15pm for set-up.

Students may bring Valentine cards to distribute to classmates. Please make sure your child brings a Valentine for every child in the class. Valentines may not include candy. Children will not be allowed to distribute any Valentine that includes food. Valentines with stickers, pencils or other small non-edible items are allowed.

Students will enjoy treats at the party that parent volunteers have planned in collaboration with the classroom teacher.

5Essentials Parent Survey

The Illinois 5Essentials School Survey is now open for parents. 5Essentials rates how a school is performing in areas such as leadership, collaboration, family involvement, support, and instruction.

Now that 5Essentials is administered every year, it will be more useful for planning. Results from the survey will be used by both our school and the District 200 Board of Education to help guide our efforts.

The state will only provide a parent report for our school if at least twenty percent of our parents participate. We value your voice, so please take a few minutes to let us know how we are doing.

To take the short survey:

  1. Visit
  2. Choose the Parent Survey
  3. Enter “Dupage” for our county.
  4. Begin typing Washington until you see the correct address.

Family Fun Night - February 21st

All Washington famlies are invited to a Family Fun Night at Washington on Thursday, February 21st from 6:30pm-8:00pm. The evening will include:

  • A fun, hands-on activity for students led by Wheaton Public Library staff
  • A short informational presentation for parents by Mrs. Craig
  • Reading and math games parents and students can play together along with Washington teachers
  • Fun, interactive technology activities in the LLC with Mr. Babb and other staff
  • A chance to see the new LLC furniture purchased by PTA
  • Desserts provided by PTA
  • Bus transportation will be provided from the Carol Stream apartments

Please come on out and have fun with us!

Staff News

Washington has two guest staff members currently working with our students.

Mrs. Lisa Wilkening-Kurtides is currently working with the students of the late Mrs. Mary Schlick. Mrs. Kurtides is a retired CUSD200 teacher who has LBS1 (special education) licensure. When a teacher is hired to work with the students for the remainder of the school year, parents will be informed.

Art teacher, Mrs. Denise Roche, is currently on a leave due to an arm injury. Mrs. Anne Cannella has be working with our students in art.

February Dates

February 5 - Science with Mr. Lee - Mrs. Belanger's 1st grade

February 6 - Science with Mr. Lee - Mrs. Harris's 1st grade

February 7 - Science with Mr. Lee - Ms. Cortopassi's 1st grade

February 8 - Spirit Day - Pajanimals Day - Wear PJs to school and bring a stuffed animal

February 9 - Swing Fore Student Excellence at Top Golf

February 12,13,15 - PACE testing for all 2nd graders

February 12 - Science with Mr. Lee - Ms. Switalski's 4th grade

February 13 - Science with Mr. Lee - Mrs. Lipnisky's 4th grade

February 13 - ThinkFirst Safety Program with Northwestern Medicine - 1:00 program for 1st grade with helmet fitting and 1:55 program for 5th grade

February 14 - 5th grade field trip prior to Valentine party

February 14 - Valentine Parties: 10:45am for morrning kindergarten; 2:30pm for all other classes

February 15 - Science with Mr. Lee - Mr. Ourada's 4th grade


February 19 - PTA Meeting 7pm in LLC

February 21 - Family Fun Night 6:30pm-800pm at Washington for all Washington families

February 22 - Club pictures for yearbook - morning

February 23 - PTA Pancake Breakfast 8:30am-10:3am (NEW DATE)

February 28 - Kindergarten round-up and visit for incoming kindergarten parents and students 7pm LLC

Knight Writers (and Speakers and Video Creators)!

As part of the CUSD 200 Vision 2022 teachers in all grades are focusing on developing students' skills in writing and message production (speaking, presenting, creating videos). We are also working to create opportunities for students to write and communicate with authentic audiences. Student writing and message production will be included in the Knightly News this year. Enjoy! Check out these photos of Mrs. Coover's 2nd grade students reading stories they wrote to one another on World Read Aloud Day.

Swing Fore Student Excellence

Click HERE for information on the Student Excellence Foundation fundraising event at Top Golf on February 9th.

Parent Workshops

Check here for the latest information on Parent Seminars and Workshops.

Washington Wellness Focus Area: Student Sleep

This year, the Washington Wellness committee is focusing on encouraging students to get adequate sleep. A growing number of intermediate students are talking about staying up late, especially to play video games and watch videos on their portable electronic devices. Our nurse, Jody Gosain, will be doing some classroom presentations on the importance of sleep, and we will be sharing some resources for parents in this and upcoming newsletters. The Washington Wellness committee is led by nurse Jody Gosain and includes parent Katie Maas and staff members: Jamie Longhini, Debbie Willems, Jenny Coover, Lauren Hrunek, Kim Dillon, Melissa Koenig, Erica Schmitz, and Scott Koester.

Here are some resource articles:

Blue Light has a Dark Side

Technology Use is Harming Your Kids' Sleep

Paper Clouds Project

WatchDOGS Sign-up - NEW Spring Dates Added!

The WatchDOGS (Dads of Great Students) Is a program that creates opportunities for dads to volunteer in schools. WatchDOGS do not have to commit to an ongoing schedule; they can volunteer as little as one half-day a school year. WatchDOGS help out with whole class activities and also one-to-one or small group reading and math practice. Students also love playing with WatchDOGS during recess!

Sign up to volunteer here: WatchDOGS.

Email Mrs. Craig with questions:

Kindergarten Round-up for Parents AND Students

Informational sessions, called “Kindergarten Round-Up”, are for parents of children who will be starting Kindergarten in the 2019-2020 school year. Washington School’s Kindergarten Round-Up will be Thursday, February 28, 2019 at 6:30 P.M. to turn in paperwork. The meeting begins at 7:00 P.M.

Kindergarten Round-Up is held in the school for parents and incoming Kindergarten children. The occasion gives parents the opportunity to meet the principal and the kindergarten teachers. Parents will also become acquainted with the kindergarten program. Parents will receive a copy of the Kindergarten Handbook at this meeting. This is also an opportunity for children to visit the school. This will be replacing our spring visit day, but students will still have an opportunity to visit the classroom again in August prior to the first day of kindergarten

Parents are encouraged to begin the enrollment process before February 28 by bringing their child’s original birth certificate and three proofs of residency to Washington School. However, parents are certainly able to bring the necessary documentation to the Kindergarten Round-Up.

Parents who are unable to attend Kindergarten Round-up are asked to call the school at 630-682-2222 to add their child’s name to the Kindergarten mailing list.

For all necessary enrollment information, please visit Please feel free to call the school with any additional questions.

Parents will need to pre-enroll their child in order to complete the online registration process.

Kindergarten Geo Spaces with DuPage Children's Museum - Thanks, PTA!

Cooler Weather is Here!

Washington uses a Cold Weather Color Scale to serve as a guideline for dressing for the weather. We do our best to enforce these guidelines for recess grades ADK-2nd and we highly encourage them for grades 3-5. If the feels-like temperature is below zero or there is heavy rain/snow, we have recess indoors. Otherwise, we like to give students time to play in the fresh air. Boots and snowpants are needed to play in snow. Please encourage your child to dress appropriately for the weather.

You can view the Cold Weather Scale on the Washington website under Our School/School Information or by clicking this link: Cold Weather Scale.

Box Tops for Education & Coke Rewards

PTA collects both Box Tops and Coke Rewards; both are easy ways you can help raise money for Washington. Mrs. Mandie Porick coordinates both programs. Box tops can be sent to school in your child’s take home folder placed in an envelope labeled Box Tops or in a ziplock. Coke Rewards can be sent in this way as well.

4th Grade SCARCE Program - Thanks, PTA!

Looking for Yearbook Photos

Throughout the year, if you have photos of Washington events, please consider submitting them to be part of the yearbook. Email them to Cher Kachelmuss at

Elementary Handbook

This year, the Elementary Handbook will be online. You can find it on the Washington website and by clicking here: HANDBOOK.