Welcome to Brooklyn!

By, Isabella Crastullo

Welcome to Brooklyn, New York!!

Welcome to Brooklyn!! Brooklyn is one of the 5 boroughs of New York! The 5 boroughs are Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, The Bronx, and Brooklyn, of course!! Here are all the things you should know, before moving on to our school topic!! :)

Best places to go eat & go shopping!!!!

  • L&B Spumoni Gardens
  • Kings Plaza Mall
  • Little cupcake shop
  • Centery 21 Department Store

What will you need, when coming here?

  • You will definitely need some money
  • You will probably need a cell phone
  • You will also need a house

Valuable advice

  1. New York is full of many many many people, so stick close to your parents so you don't get lost.
  2. NEVER, just walk away, from you guardian/parent, without your supervision
  3. Watch your back!! As I said its filled with many many many people, so not only will you get lost, but you could also get kidnapped!!
  4. Hold on to all your belongings!!!!! There are many thieves on the loose.
  5. Lock all your doors, and windows when leaving the house!!!!!!!
  6. Also lock your car, and anything valuable outside of your house!!!!
  7. Have a gate/fence? Does it keep people out of and off of your property? Well if it does, make sure that its locked, and no one can get through!!!
  8. Also if you don't already, invest in a house alarm!! So that whenever you leave the house, or go to sleep, if an uninvited guest arrives, your alarm will go off and notify the police!!! :)
  9. You also have to be really kind!!!! Especially in school!!! You would have to learn to look at someone and not make fun of them based on how they look!!!!!!
  10. Respect everyone and their properties!! If someone has something that belongs to them and you need it, ASK to borrow, DON'T steal.

Now on to school!!

You also might want to check back up there ^^^ for some tips that are for school/ or just when you are out in public!!! :)

Tips for Surviving at School

  • DON'T do anything embarrassing!!
  • DON'T bully and make fun of ANYONE!!
  • Be Kind!!
  • DON'T join the "popular group"!!
  • Respect everyone and their properties!
  • DO NOT judge a boy by his face.

Welcome to Beecher Prep Middle School!!!!!!!

As you have already seen the tips, what are the others things you should know?

  • Making Friends!! As you probably already know how, in order to make friends you have to be kind, and respect other people, and their feelings. Most people become friends with people that they have stuff in common with, so first find your "group". Talk to the people and give them some info about you. Just make sure that you really trust these people, especially if you're a girl. Girls can be mean!!
  • More to bullying!!!! Don't do it!!! People chose to be mean, to others that look different, or, that they simply don't like. There are many more reasons that people bully. Bullying, definitely has a large impact on people. They may try to change themselves to impress someone, or might even hate themselves. Plenty of people have hurt themselves because they have been bullied.
  • Get good grades!!!!!! Study Hard, and you will pass all your classes with an A!!!! If you play sports, or join clubs, then in order to stay active you have to get good grades!!!! There are plenty of clubs, and sports teams to join, but good grades are the first thing they look for!!!!!!!!!

The Halloween Parade

Are you going to the Halloween Parade? Do you know what to do there? I'll tell you!!
  • First, you should really dress in a costume! After all, it is Halloween!!
  • Second, dress appropriately!! I don't think that you are allowed to bring swords, or any weapons, that can actually hurt someone. (Not pretend)
  • Third, don't embarrass yourself!! If you think someone will make fun of you for wearing a unicorn costume, then wear something different!!
  • Fourth, keep up with the weather! The parade will probably be outside, so if its cold, dress appropriately!!

Hope You Enjoy your Stay.....here in BROOKLYN!!!!!!!!!