The Giver

By Lois Lowry, Created by T'keyah McWhorter

Book Summary

Jonas, a new 12 in the community, is chosen as the new Receiver of Memory in which he inherits all of the memories from generations back and back and back. Eventually overtime the Giver teaches Jonas about love, war, pain, and color. Jonas soon begins to understand the hypocrisy that exists in his community. Which is that everything is perfect, when in fact everything is far from it. It is now unto Jonas to release the memories to the community and allow people to see the truth of it all.

Main Character- Jonas

He is chosen as the new receiver of memory. Jonas faces challenges because he is different from the rest. He has to be strong for his training in which he endures pain that no one else in the community feels. He also faces the challenge of keeping the details of his training blind to others or his friends. Most importantly he has to hold all of the memories, and it is up to him to let these memories out as the truth to his community.

Other Important Characters

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Teacher-like Questions

  1. In what circumstances was release not a punishment ?
  2. What was the first color Jonas saw ?
  3. How many people were in a Family unit ?

Overall Rating

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What i liked about the novel is that in the world every thing was perfect.

What i didn't like was that the people in the community didn't have a chance to express themselves. Or show affection to others.