The Holocaust

and the effects it had on Jewish people all over the world

What Was The Holocaust?

The Holocasut was a series of heinous crimes that took place against mainly Jews , but also Gypsies, Homosexuals and Mentally disabled peoples. this occured from the time frame of around 1942 to 1945 and was part of Adolf Hitler's " final solution" to exterminate anyone not not of his self detirmined master race. in the specific context of the Jewish situation, things started slow, first there the Nuremberg laws. the Nurenburg laws were passed 1935 and were a group of antisemetic laws that restricted the Jewish people. Jews were no longer German citizens. Jews could no longer marry non- Jews. Jews would have a curfew. Eventually Jews would not be allowed in certain stores, they would not be able to gather in large groups or go to movie theatres and parks. After a while of this they would become even more secluded and were sent to live in ghettos. in many towns several months after these ghettos were formed , the Jews were again collected and this time taken into cattle cars. they had no idea where they were going, they were told they were going for work and could take a small luggage. they again didn't know they were being taken to concentration camps and they would never see their luggage full of precious belongs again. six million Jews would be dead by the time most camps where liberated in 1945. 250,00 gypsies would also die. the other numbers are not known.

Prisoners in these camps were treated awfully and were rarely given food, when they were given food it would most likely be a small piece of stale bread and soup made of saw dust. they were made to wait in line for role call everyday, this was a process that could take place for hours, in the cold or the rain. the ' useful' prisoners were put to work though and worked on things like railroad tracks but that varied depending on where the camp was located. 'not useful' or ' un capable' prisoners were often times sent straight to the gas chambers, for their death upon arrival. in this purpose it was usually woman and children. but they weren't the only one's in sent to the cambers. selection a grueling process for all prisoners and would occur around once a week. during selection you practically knew you were dead as they picked you. but sometimes, sometimes they would tell you ( in large numbers of course everything needed to be efficient) you were taking a shower . they would tell you to strip , clean clothes would be on the other side. but it was water coming down the faucet. it would be called Zykclon b, a chemical poisons to out of three people would die instantly and other would die being trampled by people trying to get out. when most more dead the bodies would be taken to the crematoriums to be burned, some, a times, were still breathing.

Proof To The Words

Faces of The Holocaust


Yom Hashoah or holocaust remembrance day is on the 27th day of the month of Nisan according to the Jewish calendar and literally means Remembrance day. in many communities yellow candles like the one below are lit in remembrance of the six million Jews who lost their lives. though it is not a public holiday in the United States it is in the state of Israel, where every year there is a siren sounded and everyone in the country simultaneously is silent for two minutes, and stops what they are doing. there is a video of that below as well. yom hashoah 2014 will fall on April 28, according to the general calendar.


Israel which was Palestine before the holocaust might be the only good thing to come of this. Israel officially became a country in may of 1948, as promised to the Jewish people. who finally had their mother land back in their hands. after centuries the Jewish people had a place to go home. though Israel has faced many trials in it's short life, it is a strong country that will not break anytime soon.