Howe 2nd - 5th Grade Final Week

Continuous Learning Week of May 4, 2020

Mrs. Hall's 2nd Grade Class

Ms. Wise's 2nd Grade Class

2nd Grade Learning Resources UPDATED

Monday-Thursday, May 4-8

Reading Comprehension- Dog Trouble

Focus Skill- Plot

Math- Growing & Shrinking Patterns


Mrs. Smith's 3rd Grade Math - Updated

  • This week we will finish Charlotte’s Web. There will be activities over chapters 20-22 posted on Seesaw. Students may work on IXL w.4-10 prefixes and suffixes.

See learning activities below.

Supplemental Websites:


Mrs. Davis' 3rd Grade English/Reading (Not UPDATED)

Read chapters 16-20

Activity for ch 16-17

Activity for ch 18-19

IXL FF.1-3 Context Clues

Mrs. Oglesby's 4th Grade Language Arts UPDATED

Mr. Cagle's 4th Grade Math, Science and Social Studies UPDATED

Mrs. Casey's 4th Grade Resources Final Week UPDATED

Monday/Wednesday: Research our nation's bird, The Bald Eagle. Read as much as you can about this great bird and tell me at least 5 facts about it and what your opinion is of the Bald Eagle. Send me a picture of your paper on Remind.

Mrs. Nobles' 5th Grade Resources UPDATED

Mrs. Stacy's 5th Grade Resources (NOT UPDATED)

Mrs. Stacy’s Lesson Plans for April 30-31

Pick one activity from the list below for April 30 and one for April 31. Complete the activity and take a picture and text or email it to me at 918-649-4484 or

Activity 1: Make a timeline of your day.

Activity 2: Research a National Monument and write down five facts about it. Draw a picture

of it and send it to me.

Activity 3: Create a family tree and illustrate each family member.

Activity 4: See how many free throws you can make in one minute. Repeat this step 6 times

and record how many you make each time. When finished, use your data to find

the range, mode, median, and mean of the shots made. If you don’t have a ball goal

you can use a trash can and a smaller ball or something that you have at home.

Activity 5: Create a planet, name it, and draw it. Describe what your planet looks like. How

many days does it take your planet to orbit the sun? Does it have human life or

some other kind of life? What kind of weather does it have? How long are the

days and nights? What is life like on your new planet?

Activity 6: Use a piece of paper to cut as many triangles as you can. Classify the triangles

you make by type.(equilateral, all sides equal, scalene no sides equal, isoslosis

two sides equal). Classify them again by size. (acute, obtuse, right). Create a

geometric shape using the triangles.

Activity 7: Pretend you have one million dollars. Come up with a list of what you would buy

with it and estimate what you think each item would cost.

Activity 8: Make a quadrilateral robot. On a piece of paper identify the quadrilaterals you

used for each body part. Remember quadrilaterals are four sided figures

consisting of squares, rectangles, parallelograms, rhombuses, and trapezoids.

Activity 9: Design a brand new playground and draw the playground. Describe your play-

ground and tell how much it would cost to build and buy everything needed.

Activity 10: Each letter in your first and last name has value. A is worth $1, B is worth $2,

C is worth $3. Use this pattern and go all the way to Z which is worth $26. How

much is your first and last name worth?


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Mrs. Hyde's Resources