A little about Me

Kelsey Schroeder

My life story-The short version

I was born here in Portland but moved around to different cities and states quite a bit because my mom liked to move a lot. As a young student I went trough a lot of different schools, not staying at one for more than two years or so,until my twin brother and I moved back to Portland in 2007 to live with our dad and step mom. I went to Reynolds Middle school from half way through seventh grade and onward. I continued in the same school district for high school; I went to Reynolds High School and graduated in 2012.

I started at PSU September of 2012, which means that this is my senior year here!!!!! I originally wanted to get a BM in Music Education, but I changed my mind. I am finishing out with a BS in Music Performance (flute), and I want to be an early elementary Special Education teacher.

The things I love

I love to play/hear music.

I love teaching.

I love reading

I love watching movies!

I love to bake

I love to drink coffee, and try new coffee shops

I love Jesus

I love my family,

I have so many "loves" but here some of my top ones!

Love Never Fails - Brandon Heath